The Suicide Watch

Ophelia Necro

The Suicide Watch begins at 10pm, don't be late. Please remove your shoes and belts prior to listening.


Doom & Etc & Post Punk & Psychedelic

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Monday 8/19/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
H G Lewis Official Warning Eyepopping Sounds of HG Lewis Birdman
Die Gesunden Instru-Mental Die Gesunden Medical
Body 11 Under My Command Youth Medical
Dark Day The Exterminations [1-6] Hands In The Dark Dark Entries
Bran(...)pos Tin Tract Mine Den Of Ordure and Iridescence Resipiscent
Eleven Pond Vandykes Collar Assemblage Dark Entries
Nagamatzu Operator Dead, Post Abandoned Shatter Days Dark Entries
Red Mass Let's Play Dead self-titled Psychic Handshake
Ritual Howls Keep Those Stones Up Boys Ritual Howls Urinal Cake
Slug Guts Moving Heat Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat Sacred Bones
Creeplings Scritch Creeplings Prison Tatt Records
Wisconsin Death Trip
Opponents Side B Telepathic Times Prison Tatt Records
The KVB Old Life Immaterial Visions Cititrax
Melchior, Dan FFF K-85 Homeless