Settin' The Woods On Fire



Country & Folk & Rockabilly

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Friday 8/16/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Don Rice Hideaway Heartaches 7 Toppa
Eddie Drake I'll Leave The Front Door Open 7 Toppa
Johnny Elgin Shove It Up Your Heart The Spar Records Story Yellow Label
Larry Good Our Hearts Are Out Of Tune Shelby County Country Redita
Frankie Miller Starving For Love Rockin' Rollin' BFX
Carl Pete Tell Me 7 Rimrock
Jake & Josh Great Big Woman The Spar Records Story Yellow Label
Mohawk and the Redheads Short Rows 7 Montel Michelle
Werly Fairburn I Guess I'm Crazy
Chester Smith Sweet Memories The Dynamic Hillbilly Castle
Maggie Sue Wimbly Daydream Come True Shelby County Country Redita
Dub Deckelman Daydreamin' Shelby County Country Redita
Jenks My Broken Heart Won't Let Me Sleep Old Guitar and Me Bear Family
Jimmy Hagget No More Shelby County Country Redita
Jack Tucker When The Shades Are Drawn 7 Toppa
Bob Denver Where You Been The Spar Records Story Yellow
The Strangers Honky Tonk Women Kansas City Country Rockers Redita
Janet McBride Home Away From Home 7 Toppa
Pat Ferguson Fool I Am Shelby County Country Redita
Bill Browning Down In The Holler Where Sally Lives
Jim Reeves Primitive Love
Marcus Van Story For Old Time Sake Shelby County Country Redita
Tony Douglas I'll Be Dead Longer Sings Country Favorites
Van Brothers Looks Like A Dead End Van Brothers Eagle
Hank Mizell Music City Bound
Hoyt Benge A Cigarette A Memory And A Beer 7 Luck
Dick Miller Back Into Your Past 7 Toppa
Hayden Thompson Why Here's Hayden Thompson Kapp
Jay Dee Pepper Movin' Out, Movin' In The Spar Records Story Yellow
Jim Pewter Baby Child Early Years Crypto
Jimmy Johnson How About Me? Pretty Baby Country Rockers Vol.5
Little Tony I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine Little Tony and His Brothers Cicala
Buck Trail The Blues Keep Knockin' 7 Trail
Tennessee JIm Hold Me Tight Kansas City Country Rockers Redita
Keith Courvale Trapped Love Country Rockers Vol. 5
The Moonlighters Broken Heart Counrty Rockers Vol.3: Teenage Heaven
Glen Barber Atom Bomb
Frankie Miller True Blue Rockin' Rollin' BFX
Tommy Scott Tennessee Tommy Scott Cattle
Red Hadley If I Had As Much Money
Carroll, Tim Punk Rockin' Honky Tonk Girl Opening Up Gulcher