Cactus Corners


On this date in 1456 Johann Gutenberg completed printing the first book produced with movable type, a two-volume Christian Bible. His invention sparked a world revolution in literacy and the transmission of knowledge. 



Avantgarde & Classical

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Saturday 8/24/2013 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM
James McVinnie Slow Twitchy Organs Cycles Bedroom Community
O Sapientia
V/A: State of the Nation 2001 Richard Ayres: No 24: Noncerto Live from State of the Nation 2001 NMC
Walter Ruttmann Weekend (1930) N/A Ubu Web
Abrahams, Chris Leafer Memory Night Room 40
Babbitt, Milton Matthew Barber: Call It What You Will A Composers' Memorial Perspectives Of New Music/Open Space Ashlee Mack, piano
Krzyszof Penderecki Symphony No 3 Symphony No 3 Dux Conducted by the composer
Deupree, Taylor Shutter Faint 12k