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New release from the Fedora Corpse record label - Henry and Hazel Slaughter "Endless Power Cycle" ... and other new stuff tonight.


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Wednesday 8/14/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Isis Servant Savior Isis Buddah 1974
Elizabeth Cotten/Marisa Anderson Elizabeth Cotten-Two Guitar Pieces Split 7" KBOO New/EC-Recorded Live in Portland, 1975
John Bellows Traveller's Shoes Traveller's Shoes b/w Second Nature Self-Released New
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom Talk 2 Daytime Viewing 1979-1980 Unseen Worlds New Re-release
Isis Waiting For The Sonrise
Dark Day The Exterminations 2-3 Hands In The Dark Dark Entries New Re-release orig 1979/81
Nagamatzu She Speaks Close Shatter Days Dark Entries New Re-Release orig 1983
Nagamatzu She Speaks Close Shatter Days Dark Entries
Eleven Pond Blood Ruins Film Assemblage Dark Entries New/first release of 1987 material
Human Beast Pearl Venus Ejaculates Into The Banquet Load New
Metal Rouge When Will The Blues Leave Soft Erase Emerald Cocoon New
Lazy Party City Obsession Moniker New/Playing Davis with Mad Nanna Saturday 8/17 at 3rd Space
Lazy Party City Obsession Moniker
Scraper Lick Me 7" EP Drag City New
White Murder Shutter Speed Arteries Are Flexible b/w Shutter Speed Self Released New
Death Hymn Number 9 3rd Degree Moon Burns 3rd Degree Moon Burns Alternative Tentacles New
The Sadist #1 Total Sex 1984-1990 MCR New/Japanese Hardcore
Clown #1 Human In Confusion MCR Japanese Hardcore/Metal
Chris Pitsiokos, Weasel Walter, Ron Anderson #2 Maximalism Eleatic New
Henry & Hazel Slaughter A #4 Endless Power Cycle Fedora Corpse New
Bellows, John Doomsday Fast Hits Special Needs New
Sunwolf Push It Angle Eyes Self Released New
Tijuana Panthers Tony's Song Semi-Sweet Innovative Leisure New
Chick Corea Outside Of Space The Vigil Stretch/Concord New