Bummer Break

Miss Dot

a lil synth tutorial!
enjoy I think I only have an hour before news today

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Friday 8/02/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
The Screamers Punish or be Damned Demos 1977-1978 recorded on 7-7-77!!!!
Voice Farm Mama Made me do it The World We Live in Systematic
Suicide Dance The Second Album ZE
Units Warm Moving Bodies Digital Stimulation 415
Mr Epp and the Calculations Out of Control Live as All Get Out!
Nervous Gender Alien Point of VIew Music From Hell Subterranean
Our Daughters Wedding Lawn Chairs Digital Cowboy EMI
Pointless Something to Look up to
Pere Ubu Humor Me Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection Twin/Tone
Tone Set Life is Busy Calibrate Pegna
Pink Noise, The Crack Alpha Almost Ready
Meltdown Cleopatra The Map Archigramophone
Le Shok We Are Electrocution We Are Electrocution GSL
Bamu Express Walk the Shame/ Aweful Earlies Aweful Earlies TS
Afflicted Man, The Looking at the Things I'm Off Me 'Ead' Permanent