Sounds Like Work

Milson Tisdale

always searching... always finding joy... being without youth... favoring discomfort


Drone & Electronic & Experimental & Psych & Rock

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Thursday 8/01/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Denise Roughan w/Norma O'Malley To Sleep, To Dream V/A - Sredw'd Flying Nun 1993
Eddie Marcon Blues Shining on Graveposts Preservation 2005
Nikasaya Buun/Cream Pan One Summerheim Someone Good
Toshi Ichiyanagi Opera "From The Works Of Tadanori Yokoo" (excerpt) Opera "From The Works Of Tadanori Yokoo" 1969
Yoshi Wada Bagpipe Lament for the rise and Fall of the Elephant Crocodile EM rec. Nov. 29 1981
Toraja: singers of Desa Balla Satanetean, Kecamatan Mamasa, Kabupaten Polewali Mamasa, South Sulawesi Simbong V/A - Music of Indonesia Vol. 18: Sulawesi: Festivals, Funerals, and Work Smithsonian Folkways rec. 1996/97
Henry Flynt A Portrait Graduation Superior Viaduct *new rec. 1974-79
The Dead C Hush New Electric Music Language Recordings 2001
Tuxedomoon Dark Companion (slowin it down)
Rashad Becker Dances III Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I PAN *new
Wanda Group Gorgeous Lucio Masculinity is a Wonderful Thing Where To Now *new
David Sylvian The Rabbit Skinner Manafon Samadhisound 2009
Organisation Tone Float Tone Float Drone Syndicate orig. 1970
Andres Lewin Richter w/ Xavier Joaquin Sequencia I V/A - Creelpolation vol.1 Creel Pone composed 1972
Our Love Will Destroy The World Heavens Final Collapse Jet Plane Joy Reckno *new
Henry Plotnick Final Fields Fields Holy Mountain *new - 11 years old, great stuff!