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It's Curtis Carroll on this week's show. Today we'll give lesser known artists, both old and new, a little room to breathe and give them some well deserved exposure. Some of these I've never played, others, it's been months or years.

The Psychedelic Psunspot will feature two LA based known for a groundbreaking hit; the other nearly forgotten. 



Jazz & Progressive Rock

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Saturday 7/27/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Shylock Le Sixeime Gialorges Musea. 1981/2005. France
Liquid Tension Experiment Rhapsody In Blue Live 2008 DVD Magna Carta 2008. US
John Elefante This Is How the Story Goes On My Way To The Sun Self Released 2013. New York
Eureka In Search Of Relief Shackleton's Voyage Inside Out 2009. Germany
Arena Trebucket The Seventh Degree of Separation Veglas 2011. UK
Quatermass Entropy/Black Sheep Quatermass Repertoire 1970. UK
PBII Criticize the Critics Plastic Soup Prog Rock 2010. Netherlands
Lee Michaels Carnival Of Life Carnival Of Life A&M 1968. LA
The Standells Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White Why Pick On Me Tower 1966. LA
Monty Python Rock Notes Contractual Obligation Album Arista 1980. UK
Utopia Caravan Adventures in Utopia Bearsville 1980. US
Epica Delirium Reqium For the Indifferent Nuclear Blast 2012. Netherlands
Apocolyptica Sacra 7th Symphony Sony 2011. Finland
TesseracT Of Reality: Eclipse Altered States Century Media 2013. UK
Moon Safari Lover's End. Part 3 Lover's End EP Fan Club promo 2012. Sweden