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The theme today is 'Far Out'. We're pushing the envelope to bring you the best of prog from near, and especially far.

Different themed segments today include 70s Italian prog, 'Art Rock', prog jazz, a little comedy, and an epic track from Sweden's Anglagard. 

The Psychedelic Psunspot steps outside the box by showing how a 1961 worldwide hit is still influencing music made in 2013. 

It's a wild ride so hang-on and don't complain you weren't given adequate notice! 


Jazz & Progressive Rock

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Saturday 7/13/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Le Orme Le Fabbricante d'Agneli Contrpunti Phillips 1974. Italy
Maxophone Al Mancato Compleanno Di Una Faralla Maxophone Mello 1975. Italy
Locanda Deli Fate A Volte Un Islante di Quiete Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu Polydor 1977/1994 Italy
Lifesigns Fridge Full of Stars Lifesigns Esoteric 2013. UK
Jolly Red Sky Locomotive 40 minutes, 12 seconds of Music Galilieo 2009. New York City
Lake Key To The Rhyme Lake Columbia 1977. Germany
10 CC One Night In Paris Original Soundtrack Mercury 1975/1993 UK
Jellyfish The King Is Half-Undressed Bellybutton Charisma 1990. Califorina
Horselips Come Summer Alien DJM 1977. Ireland
Jorgen Ingman Apache Jorgen Ingman and his Guitar Atlantic 1961/1993. Sweden
David Bowie How Does the Grass Grow? Next Day ISO 2013. UK
Genesis I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) Selling England By The Pound Atlantic 1973. UK
Frank Zappa Cheepnis Roxy & Elsewhere RykoFZ 1974/1992. US
Don Imus Reverend Billy Sol Hargis 1000 Hamburgers To Go BMG 1972/1997. US
Bruford/Holdsworth Beezlebub Feels Good To Me EG 1977. UK
Gentle Giant The Runaway/Experience The Official Live- Playing the Fool Castle 1976/1989. UK
Renaissance Bound For Infinity Prologue HTD 1972/1997. UK
Anglagard Hostejd Epilog Exergy 1994, Sweden