The Living Dead at Davis

Doctor Captinn & KayVee & Monsterella

Look out honey, it's a big black witchcraft rock.


Turn Of The Century Death Folk

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Saturday 7/20/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
45 Grave Party Time Sleep in Safety Enigma Records 1983
Agent Orange Bloodstains Living in Darkness Posh Boy Records 1981
5 6 7 8's I'm Sorry Mama I'm a Wild One Bomb the Rocks Sweet Notching Records 2004
Pleasure Seekers What a Way to Die Single Hideout Records 1965
The Stooges Loose Fun House Elektra Records 1970
The Fuzztones I'm The Wolfman Monster A Go-Go Skreamin' Skull Records 1992
The Meteors Little Red Riding Hood The Mutant Monkey And The Surfers From Zorch Anagram Records 1988
The Real Tuesday Weld Wolfman The Last Werewolf Six Degrees Records 2011
Guana Batz Werewolf Blues Single Minded Ace Records
Sham-Ettes Big Bad Wolf Girls in the Garage Vol. 3 AIS Records
Leroy Bowman and the Arrows Graveyard Single Regis Records 1958
Southern Culture On The Skids Undertaker At the Heebie Jeebie Hop Kudzu Records 2011
The Howdies Long Pine Box Made With Pure Lightning Revum Noverum Records 2009
Radio Werewolf 1960 Cadillac Hearse Single Stand Records 1984
Dead Elvis and His One Man Grave Deadest Girl In Town Southern Fried Frightq KCK Records 2010
The White Coffin Terrors Kill Kill Kill Cannibal Flesh Riot Hola Pete Records 2007
Dead Boys Son of Sam We Have Come For Your Children Noble Rot Records 1978
Creepersin Getter Mommy Killer Creepersin's Final Chapter Creepsville Entertainment 2008
American Werewolves For Your Blood 1968 Fractured Trans Records 2005
Mad Jack and the Hatters Sinnerman Mad Jack and The Hatters Popeye Records 2010
The Cramps Big Black Witchcraft Rock Single Vengeance records
The Mummies Jezebel Never Been Caught Telstar records 1992
The Sonics Strychnine Single Norton Records 1998
The Ghastly Ones Spookmaster A Haunting We Will Go Geffen records 1998
The Shades Strollin' After Dark Single Scottie Records 1959
Batmobile Transylvanian Express Dragged From The Wreckage Of The Klubfoot Raucous Records
Screaming Lord Sutch Dracula's Daughter Story Raucous Records 1981
The 3-D Invisibles Nosferatu Vampires A Go-Go Colombia Records 1988
Demented Are Go Satan's Rejects Best Of Demented Are Go Takoma UK Records 2000
Lon Chaney Jr. The Maddest Story Ever Told Spider Baby 1968
The Boss Martians Have You Ever Seen (The Walking Dead Monster Party 2000 MuSick Records 2000
Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla Spectres Colombia Records 1977
The Meteors I Go To Bed With The Undead Undead, Unfriendly, and Unstoppable Anagram Records 1989