Sounds Like Work

Milson Tisdale

Jorge AntunesWelcome to Death Row, and Dreyfus on embodiment... if you can, stick around, we'll use lots of butter.


Drone & Electronic & Experimental & Psych & Rock

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Thursday 7/11/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
The Clean Getting Older Loren
Bob Chance Wild It's Broken Mike C.
Sudden Infant Nuclear Nostrile Noodle Chrrrris
The True Werwolf Kreaturen Der Nacht Charbroil Chicken
Manu Dibango --talk over jam-- Loren
The Pretty Things Baron Saturday Loren
Derdiyoklar Yaz Gazeteci Mike C.
To Live and Shave in LA The Resurrection of Eve Chrrrris
Root The Revelation Charbroil Chicken
This Heat Cenotaph Loren... for sick Robin Redbeast!!!
Negativland The Perfect Cut Mike C.
Extended Organ Drowning in Water Chrrrris
Prince Jazzbo Ital Corner Charbroil Chicken
Wicked Lester --talk over jam-- Charbroil Chicken
Brigitte Fontaine avec Art Ensemble of Chicago Leo Loren
Norman Connors So Much Love Mike C.... for all the beautiful people born under the star sign of Cancer
Louis Moholo/Larry Stabbins/Keith Tippet The Greatest Service Charbroil Chicken
Inquisition Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm Chrrrris
Parson Sound A Glimpse Inside the Glyptotech-66 Loren
Kevin Harrison Ink Man Mike C.
Royal Trux The Banana Question Chrrrris
Dur Dur Band Dholey Loren
Rhye Last Dance Mike C.
Lovin Spoonful Coconut Grove Mike C.
Desastrious Magical Night of Eternal Evil Chrrris
Sun Ra Overtones of China Loren