Kicksville 29 BC

Tim Matranga

All sorts of great sounds including the newest volume of Lost Souls from Psych of the South


60S Rock & Psych & R+B & Soul

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Sunday 6/30/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Clovers TV Fanatic The Original Love Potion #9 Design
Johnny Rockhouse Green Little Eva On the Square originally
La Vern Baker Tiny Tim Atlantic
Georgia Lane Get It Dynamic
Jimmy Hughes I'm a Man of Action Fame
Candy Johnson & the Exciters Excitement Candy Johnson Show Canjo
Jonathan Richman Tandem Jump I, Jonathan Rounder
Conway Twitty Hey Miss Ruby Saturday Night With ... MGM
Bean Brothers Shing-A-Ling
James & Bobby Purify Let Love Come Between Us Bell
Jeanette Jones Cut Loose Golden State Soul Kent
Ascots Another Day Miradon originally
Village Callers Hector Rampart
Chester Randle's Souil Senders Soul Brothers Tesify ANLA originally 1968
Johnny Rebb & the Atlantics A Girl Names Sue Pretty Ugly Get Lost Australia
Johnny Veen w the Sharades You Know He Did P/U #3
Russ Kruger Keep Me Satisfied Sunshine originally more Aussie
Oblivians I'll Be Gone Desperation In The Red 2013
Zeros Wimp Bomp
SLA She's A Thief Dirty Kids American Key Party 2013
Kings Verses A Million Faces Beat Rocket Fresno 66/67
Standells Mr Nobody Tower
Federal Union Can't Stop, Can't Go Lost Souls 4 Psych of the South rockin' Arkansas 60s sounds
Barefacts Tell Me LS 1 Psych of the South
Vipers She Just Goes Her Way LS 4 PotS
Modds Leave My House LS 2
Sole Society Psychedelic Cycle LS 1 AR garage psych
Crystal Syphon Family Evil Family Evil Roaratorio Merced
Joe Volume There's a Time Lonesome Water, Lonley Sea Mexico DF
Byrds Goin' Back Notorious Byrd Brothers Sundazed Mono edition, Gary Usher
Blue Things Now's The Time Blue Things RCA
Jamme Strawberry Jam Man Jamme Dunhill prod by Eirik Wangberg
Kilgour, David & the Heavy Eights Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus b/w Shifting Sands Merge 2013 single
Strawberry Alarm Clock Birds in My Tree Incense and Peppermints Uni
Better Sweet Like the Flowers MOC
January Tyme The Music First Time From Memphis Enterprise
The Pipe Dream January Girl Lovers / Wanderers RCA
Space Jack in the Box Crazy Horse
Birmingham Sunday Egocentric Solitude - Demo Prevalent Visionaries Crossfire Carson City grp