The Prog Rock Palace

Curtis Carroll & Professor DJMarkuss Prog

Another great line-up of music for discriminating fans of prog. We'll visit the US and  UK, Poland, Italy, Sweden and above the Finland's arctic circle.

The Psychedelic Psunspot will feature two obscurities; a seldom heard version of the Byrd's Eight Miles High and a song from an influenctial but all but forgotten late 60s Scottish prog band.

We'll wrap up the show with a full side from one of Nektar's most admired albums. 


Jazz & Progressive Rock

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Saturday 6/29/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Spock A Dream Within A Dream Volume 2 Self-released 2013. San Diego
Dream Theater Lifting the Shadows Off a Dream Awake Elektra 1994. US
Riverside Reality Dream III Second Life Syndrome Inside Out 2008. Poland
Starcastle Fountains Fountains of Light Columbia 1977. Illinois
Kansas On The Other Side Monolith Kirschner 1979. Kansas
Sound of Contact Omega Point Dimensionaut Inside Out 2013. UK
Marillion Jigsaw Fugazi EMI 1984. UK
The Byrds Eight MilesHigh (Alt. RCA version) Fifth Dimension Columbia 1965. LA
Clouds I am The Melody Watercolours Island 1969. UK
Pentagle Hunting Song Basket of Light Castle 1969/2000. UK
Kingcrow This Ain't Another Love Song In Crescendo Sensory 2013. Italy
Moraz-Bruford Hazy Music For Piano and Drums EG 1983. Swiss and UK
Eric Johnson Beck's Bolero Freeway Jam - To Beck and Beyond Tone Center 2007. Texas
Therion Dis-Moi Poupee Les Flouers Du Mai End of the Light 2012. Sweden
Sonata Arctica Wildfire Pt II, One With the Mountain Stones Grow Her Name Nuclear Blast 2012. Finland
Nektar Part 1 (All of Side 1) Recycled Bellaphone 1975. UK