Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie

My parents brought me a bunch of fruit this weekend so I made 2 pies:  One apricot and one plum.  I also realized how grossed out I am by plums.  They are squishy (which makes cutting them very unpleasant) and the skin makes them taste bitter.   Nature's most disgusting fruit.


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Thursday 6/27/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Ok Vancouver Ok Food +Water+ Shelter Food Shelter Water Kingfisher Bluez NEW LP 33 A1 mellow rock
Dean, Angel Walkin' Talkin' Walkin' Talkin' Dutch East India Trading single 45 A side mellow
Nacho Business Hearing this song Nacho Business Sacramento/Phono Select NEW single 45 B1 mellow
Absolute Boys Love Mode Heavy Flow Bedroom Suck NEW LP 33 A2 rock dreamy
Vehicle Flips Citronella Vehicle Flips Hemiola single 45 B2 pleasant, instro
Americans, The Take Me At My Word Take Me At My Word Self Released NEW single 45 A side bluesy, ex KDVS dj Patrick Ferris on vox and gtr
Dead Ghosts I sleep alone I Sleep Alone b/w Spot A Trend Randy NEW single 45 A side bluesy punk
The's Handsome Man The's Au Go Go breathy vox
Permanent Collection All Night Delirium Log Lady LP 45 A1 fuzzy rock
Flamin' Groovies Stay Away Rock Juice National power pop
Sparks Complaints Kimono My House LP 33 B3 weirdo rock, fakeout outro
Fall, The Sir William Wray Re-Mit Cherry Red NEW rock
Mantles, The Hello Long Enough To Leave Slumberland NEW rock from SF/Oakland
Chit Chat Attitude Chit Chat Self Released NEW rock fem vox
F.M. Knives I Live Alone Useless & Modern Moo-La-La garage punk
Drag King/Primate 5 Drag King- Allrighty Then Allrighty Then Tombstone single 45 A side garage punk a la Devo's Uncontrollable Urge
Goddamn Gentlemen Off The Wagon Chariots of Fire Spitting Cobras Last Chance crazy garage punk
Shannon and the Clams If I Could Count Dreams in the Rat House Hardly Art NEW soul, retro
Deap Vally End of the World Get Deap! CherryTree NEW powerful fem vox, reminds me of Suzi Quatro
Glass Candy The Last Time Love Love Love Troubleman Unlimited powerful fem vox
The Fall-Outs It's a Shame Sleep Super Electro single 45 B side punk
Human Eye Juicy Jaw 4: Into Unknown Goner Records NEW punk rock from Detroit Michigan
Sleaze, The too close to home Tecktonik Girlz & Other Hits Total Punk NEW LP 45 B2 punk, the late Jay Reatard on drums
Sector Zero Guitar Attack Guitar Attack b/w Hiding In My Car Goner NEW single 45 A side crazy rock
Obnox By Myself Corrupt Free Enterprise 12XU NEW LP 33 A1 intense rock
Stab, The The City Dirt Homeless NEW LP 33 B1 heavy rock
Fall Of Saigon visions Fall Of Saigon Dark Entries NEW LP 45 A1 post punk from France 1983
Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons The Poet Screams To God Dark Entries NEW LP 33 B1 post punk from Sweden, 1980-1
It Hurts Earth, Sun, Moon, Us 33 Tears 7" Soft Abuse NEW single 45 B side experimental rock
Pinhas, Richard North Desolation Row Cuneiform NEW long experimental