1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas

Happy Berfday Metal Mook! Neeeeyyyyaaaahhhhh.....


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Friday 6/07/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Benediction Jumping at Shadows Grand Leveller Happy Birthday Metal Mike!
Black Anvil Ten Talons Deep Time Insults the Mind
Jungle Rot Rage Through the Wasteland Terror Regime
Savatage 24 Hours Ago Hall of the Mountain King
Amon Spat Forth from Darkness Liar in Wait
Agathodaimon Ill of An Imaginary Guilt Blacken the Angel
Dark Funeral Hail Murder Diabolis Interium
Ravencult Deathcult Supremacy Cosmic Chaos
Lost Soul Beast Rising Ubermensch Donnie! Thank you for the request!
Converge Glacial Pace All We Love We Leave Behind
Solstice Netherworld Solstice
King of Asgard Strike of the Hammer Fimbulvintr
Immolation Echoes of Dispair Kingdom of Conspiracy
Disfear Misanthropic Generation Misanthropic Generation
Maveth Coils of the Black Earth Coils of the Black Earth
Krypt Misfits Preludes to Death
Urshurark Pandemonium Theory Pandemonium Theory
Cannibal Corpse Scourge of Iron Torture
Tombs Beneath the Toxic Jungle Winterhours
Negator Bringer of War Gates to Pantheon
Dying Fetus Subjected to a Beating Reign Supreme
Shadow Lunar Eclipse Shadow