Cops etc.

Christopher Garbage & Howard

oh hay free jazz and experimental day

sorry its so hawt but jazz is so real

rip davis roy

<3 u ferever 


Noise & Real

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Wednesday 6/05/2013 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Sonny Rollins I'm an Old Cowhand (from the Rio Grande) Way Out West Contemporary such a tight album cover look at it homie
Gorgeous Suntan/ Dave Defillipo melt 2 Giant Melt kdvs and locals checkemoutttttt
Luigi Russolo Ronzatore Die Kunst Der Gerausche hay music concrete hay
Eric Copeland FKD Hermaphrodite
Styrofoam Sanchez Blood Hook/ Trash Spore Crank Sturgeon/ Styrofoam Sanchez ratskin recs oakland baby
Borbetomagus Fleetwood DeKooning Zurich Agaric
Uli Jennessen Hoellchen Lax Live jazzwerkstat
Evan Parker, Han Bennink Pluto Has a Moon The Grass is Greener psi
Gianni Gebbia/ Damon Smith/ Weasel Walter Unicellular Lichens ugEXPLODE
Roscoe Mitchell & Anthony Braxton Comp. 74A Duets Sackville Recordings
SSSarcophagus Untitled #1 EPs 1-4 super unknown, i d k at all basically
Eric Dolphy Laura Dolphy in Europe Prestige fer mom, <3 u mom