Unspeakable Cults


The face of a hideous future reveals itself evermore daily with an appearance of malignant awareness, perverting every element of human life formerly thought to be inviolable.  First, we had Huxley's vision - then, when we thought we had domesticated the tyranny, we finally found Orwell to have the right of it.  There is no refuge left for personal dignity or the peaceful contemplation of the natural world.  The nightmare prophecies of lunatics like Lewis Powell, in worship of the venal spirit of the Malefactor, have all but come to fruition.


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Tuesday 6/04/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Heaven Shall Burn Architects of the Apocalypse Antigone Century Media Dedicated to all of you bankers out there, ruining the world for the rest of us.
Immolation Indoctrinate Kingdom of Conspiracy Nuclear Blast Brand new release.
Kommandant Hate Is Strength The Draconian Archetype ATMF Satirical treatment that finds an all-too-disturbing realization in the troglodytes who populate the US media.
Grave Plague of Nations Endless Procession of Souls Century Media
Saxon Guardians of the Tomb Sacrifice UDR Brand new release from these ANCIENT heavy metal warriors.
Malignancy Cataclysmic Euphoria Eugenics Willowtip The title of this song can well describe the infatuation with death which is presently steering our global society towards collapse and mass extinction.
Apocrypha Penance (Keep The Faith) The Forgotten Scroll Shrapnel Reissue of this very forgotten scroll, a 1988 release inaugurating the guitar shred set.
Vicious Rumors Digital Dictator Digital Dictator Shrapnel Another '88 release from Shrapnel Records, this one was a pickup at Sunday's KDVS vinyl fair.
Metal Church Gods of Wrath Metal Church Metal Blade 1984, this one a pick from an earlier vinyl fair.
King Diamond Eye of the Witch The Eye Roadrunner Thanks for the request!
Black Sabbath The Law Maker Tyr IRS Another brilliant offering from Iommi in his prime.
Liege Lord Master Control Master Control Metal Blade Capping off the entries from 1988...
Mithras Beneath The Three Spheres Behind The Shadows Lie Madness Candlelight Records On to shredding death metal...
Disincarnate Sea of Tears Dreams of the Carrion Kind Roadrunner 1993, the sole album.
Nocturnus Destroying the Manger The Key Combat/Earache 1990 classic!
Unfathomable Ruination Pantheonic Synchroscheme Misshapen Congenital Entropy Sevared 2012 shredfest from Mr. Shredz himself.
Unbirth Entitlement of Scourge Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy Amputated Vein Crushing 2013 release.
Necrotic Disgorgement Orgasm Of The Paraplegic Suffocated In Shrikwrap Comatose Music Playing LVDF day two!
Thunderbolt Die With Your Religion The Burning Deed of Deceit ISO666 2003.
Thyrfing Over The Hills and Far Away Urkraft Karmageddon Gary Moore cover, bonus track on some editions of Urkraft (2000).
Dodsferd/Chronaexus Outreach From A Withered Hand Desecration Rites Obscure Abhorrence Brand new release.
Ash Borer Removed Forms Cold of Ages Profound Lore 2012.