Cassettes and Incense

DJ Dreamgirl

what squirrel dreams are made of 


Experimental & Female & Folk & Noise

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Tuesday 6/04/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Coyote Oldman Tear of the Moon Tear of the Moon Xenotrope Music tape
Coyote Oldman Night Voyage Tear of the Moon Xenotrope Music tape
Junip Suddenly Junip Mute long cold winter...
Spires That in the Sunset Rise Winter Song Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part II Hairy Spider Legs
Nurses Winter Apple's Acre Dead Oceans
Still Corners The White Season Creatures of an Hour Sub Pop winter skies
Mr. Gnome Winter Madness In Miniature El Marko Records
Sioux, Mariee Wild Eyes Faces In the Rocks Grass Roots Record Co.
The Living Sisters Can You Get To That Covers EP
June, Sarah Blusey Melody In Black Robes Silber
Beverly Federick Weaver Weaver Through The Darkness Veladanza Healing Arts tape
Vera Deirdre The Attic Before Morning Arrived Hairy Spider Legs
Sages and Seers Across the Universe Lvx Peace of Mind
Rose Windows Wartime Lovers Sub Pop
Junip Line Of Fire Junip Mute
Bird Songs Loon Song Nature's Harmony Metacom tape
Birds and Batteries Machines That Dream Nature Vs. Nature Self
Safe Home After the Shock The Wide World and All We Know Now Here
Safe Home Shadowland The Wide World and All We Know Now Here
Chieli Muccui and Geaorge Jinda Ascension Om JW Stannard Co