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Anne Halo filling in with all kinds of punk and rock 'n roll. You can call and tell me your favorite joke> if it's hilarious (and clean) enough I'll say it over the air. (530) 752-2777



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Tuesday 5/28/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Coathangers, The/Heavy Cream Heavy Cream - Toasted Merry Go Round b/w Toasted Suicide Squeeze
Coathangers Smother split with Davila 666 Suicide Squeeze
Those Darlins Summer's Dead Summer's Dead Oh Wow Dang Records
Hussy, The Blame Pagan Hiss Southpaw
Shrapnelles, The My Mom Is Hot Asscalibur HoZac
Shannon and the Clams Bed Rock Dreams in the Rat House Hardly Art
La Luz Easy Baby Call Me In the Day b/w Easy Baby Water Wing
Shivas, The Heart & Soul White Out K Records
Audacity Punk Confusion Mellow Cruisers Burger/Recess
English Singles Ordinary Girls Ordinary Girls Slumberland
Nacho Business I Wanna Talk To You Nacho Business Sacramento/Phono Select
Vermillion Sands Wake Me When I Die Mary Rijapov
The Pandoras I Want Him It's About Time Voxx records
Broken Water Normal Never Happened Normal Never Happened
Pussy Galore Sweet Little Hi-Fi Sugarshit Sharp EP Caroline
Mummies A Girl Like You Death by Unga Bunga!! Estrus
Misfits Hybrid Moments Legacy of Brutality Caroline
Make Up Blue Is Beautiful After Dark Burger (cassette)
RAD We're Rad Loud & Fast Sacramento/Phono Select
Black Athletes Die Laughing Skate Rock Vol. 1"
G. Green Our Boss Our Boss A Wicked Company
The Belles Come Back V/A Girls In the Garage Vol. 1
Bitters, The By Her Own Hand Have a Nap Hotel EP Sacred Bones
Golden Triangle Neon Noose Double Jointer Hardly Art
Explode Into Colors Paper Paper Just for the Hell of It
Screature Siren Screature
Blood Beach Corpsepaint Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost
Trashwomen Dragula Aphrodisia Hillsdale Records
Cormans, The Mingo Mingo Total Punk
Red Aunts Handsome Devil Salt Box Epitaph
Midnite Snaxxx Like Lightning Like Lightning Raw Deluxe
Throwing Muses Rabbits Dying Throwing Muses 4AD
XYX 77 dias Teatro Negro Monofonus Press
Erase Errata Tongue Tied Other Animals