The Mic is the Message

MC Luhan

Abstract Story Construction



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Thursday 6/20/2013 @ 12:00AM - 1:30AM
Eyedea & Abilities Void (External Theory)
Dolza Filler
Controller 7 The Candle (Remix)
Mr. Lif & Scanz The Gauntlet
Viktor Vaughn Lactose & Lecithin
Cannibal Ox Scream Phoenix
Thavius Beck Hardcore
EL-P Stay Down
Death Grips Guillotine
Cecil Otter Down Beast
Busdriver feat. 2Mex Walking Dead
eCID & Kristoff Krane Crawl
Aesop Rock Crows 1
Blue Sky Black Death feat. Myka 9 Grimey Styles
Grayskul Voltronic Instructional Espionage
Factor feat. Awol One & Sole Don't Jock the Dead
Wax Tailor Dusty Rainbow (Instrumental)
Exile & Lokey Silver Linings
Vinnie Paz feat. Chris Rivers Whispers Last Breath
Brock Berrigan Flying Colors in a Zombie Nation
Bike For Three! First Embrace
Pigeon Hole Blazing Soul
Leak Bros Dead
TOBACCO feat. Doseone The Injury
J. Rawls February 14, 1929