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Flower Vato

 photo housejune22007016.jpg I have a batch of of assorted jazz, psych & experimental long-players to accentuate the mind bending experience that some of you will be having this afternoon. Tune in and drop out..


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Thursday 5/16/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Abida Praveen Rang Beaten Karen Ghazals Pakistan
Lonnie Hollie Fifth Child Burning Just Before Music
Tall Dwarfs Lucky Weeville 1990, New Zealand
Amps For Christ Happy New Year, Sibanjar v/a Post Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music
Lloyd Miller Gol-E Gandom (Version III) A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz 1965, Iran
Brother Ah Celestial Strings Move Ever Onward 1975
Sir Richard Bishop Kamakhya Salvador Kali 1998
Flying Saucer Attack Past New Lands 1997
Michal Urbaniak & Urzula Dudziak Seresta Constellation In Concert 1973, Poland
Novi Singers Torpedo Torpedo 1970, Poland
Traffic Sound Yellow Sea Days -March 7th -March 8th -March 9th Virgin 1969, Peru
White Heaven 4 Hours (In the Afternoon) THreshhold of Pain 7" single 1999, Japan