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i'm shaking the cobwebs from my hair while in the club asking girls for their netflix login



Emo & Folk & Ghost Stuff & Lo Fi Ambient & Pop

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Thursday 5/16/2013 @ 4:30AM - 6:00AM
Cobwebs J.V.C Cobwebs
Infinity Crush i will never be sorry again stumble pretty Songs from the Road Records
princess reason always pretty always pretty EP Tricot Records
Nathan Moore Remember Me Athens, Ohio Athens, Ohio Compilation!
Wapinitia Underachiever Underachiever Tricot Records new!
Frankie Cosmos computer elegy told you so new!
Algebrahs Used To Be Young Dreams
Another Sunny Day You Should All Be Murdered You Should All Be Murdered (3 songs) Sarah Records 1989
Fine Steps Tomorrow for All of Today Boy's CO. Song Records they are playing at ORMF this upcoming Saturday!
Abandoned Houses Misspent Youth I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2 Rok Lok Records
Adventures Reach Out To You Adventures 7' No Sleep Records
Ron Beaudet Change My Life I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2 Rok Lok Records
The 6ths Falling Out of Love (With You) Wasps' Nest London Records 1995
Vehicle Blues Punks on Transit Punks On Transit Bridgetown Records
Boris Smile The Battle of Miss Little My Love Powered by 10,000 Practice Amps Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Boris Smile Adventures with Rockets Rockets EP Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) Year of the Rabbit Year of the Rabbit 7 Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Flashing Red Lights You're Not Smart Prestige EP
Flashing Red Lights If I Had the Time Prestige EP
fthrsn What do I want to be when I grow up middle school swag GRLMTN
Gathering Ghosts Sweet Swan Fluttering So Sweetly EP
Cotton Candy Collective Lemonade
Cotton Candy Collective I'm not in love
Sunset Theme Alone Again Tricot Records
Rocketship It's Going To Be Soon Henry's Dress / Rocketship ‎– Split Tour Single I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record