The Dreaming

General Jack & Myra Maines

eraserhead Anne Halo subbing this fine morning. "Noise Loves Audio" takes over "The Dreaming"

Wake up with some sweet tunes from my favorite record label and a creepy movie soundtrack.



Blues & Funk Folk & Jazz

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Wednesday 6/19/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Whorl Mind Revolution Mind Revolution Slumberland
Wax Idols Sound of a Void Discipline + Desire Slumberland
Girls Names Pittura Infamanite The New Life Slumberland
Weekend Mirror Jinx Slumberland
A Sunny Day In Glasgow Sometimes I Think About You split w/ The Sunny Street - Searching For the Now 3 Slumberland
Crystal Stilts Sycamore Tree In Love With Oblivion Slumberland
Henry's Dress Definitely Nothing Henry's Dress Slumberland
Kids On A Crime Spree Trumpets of Death We Love You So Bad Slumberland
Brilliant Colors English Cities Introducing Slumberland
Procedure Club Feel Sorry For Me Doomed Forever Slumberland
Spectrals If I Think About the Magic Will It Go Away? Bad Penny Slumberland
Black Tambourine We Can't Be Friends Black Tambourine Slumberland
Terry Malts Living with the HUman Race Living With The Human Race Windian Records
English Singles Ordinary Girls Ordinary Girls Slumberland
Liechtenstein Roses In the Park Survival Strategies In A Modern World Slumberland
Mantles, The Hello Long Enough To Leave Slumberland
Aisler's Set I've Been Mistreated Terrible Things Happen Slumberland
The Softies Half As Much The Softies Slumberland
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet Side A Eraserhead Original Soundtrack Recording Sacred Bones
Ruby Pins Chariot Ruby Pins M'Lady's
Golden Grrrls Past Tense Golden Grrrls Slumberland
Veronica Falls Come On Over Veronica Falls Slumberland
Lilys February Fourteenth February Fourteenth/Threw A Day Slumberland
Violens When To Let Go True Slumberland
v/a The Ropers - Pretty Quiet Slumberland Records: The First 20 Years Slumberland
Allo Darlin' Capricornia Europe Slumberland