In Moon, Sun


This is TJ, subbing for Lexicon today due to a prior engagement. 

We will depart from Lexicon's normal format (sorry Lexicon) and will delve into vintage live rock music from concert albums.  Turn it up & enjoy!


Animal Songs & Archetypal Stories & Downtempo & Hip Hop & Indigenous Flute & Modern Compositional & Tribal & Wolf Woman Revolutional

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Friday 5/10/2013 @ 3:00AM - 4:30AM
Robin Trower Too Rolling Soned Living Out Of Time Ruf Records 2005 concert, DVD available too
Humble Pie I Don't Need No Doctor Performance Rockin' The Filmore A&M Fillmore East (NY) concert, recorderd May 27-28, 1971
Ted Nugent Great White Buffalo Double Live Gonzo Epic 1978
Ted Nugent Hibernation Double Live Gonzo Epic 1978
Rick Derringer Rock and Roll, Hoockie Koo Derringer Live Blue Sky Records 1977
The Who Young Man Blues Live at Leeds MCA 1970
Cream Sleepy Time Time Live Cream Atco Records
Santana Fried Neckbones Live at the Fillmore Columbia recorded at Fillmore West (SF) 1968
The Allman Brothers Band Stormy Monday At Fillmore East Mercury/Universal recorded March 12-13, 1971