The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus



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Tuesday 4/16/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
KIng missle 3 chickens
husker du what do i want?
husker du love is all around
Hang Time Bubble Bath Hang Time Self Released
Heater Stoned Roses God and Hair Permanent
james kochalka superstar have you ever kissed an idiot
Bugs, The 747 Barbaric Mystical Bored Hovercraft
Poo Poodles money man Here Comes the Future... The Future is Now! The Quiet Life
mondellos lets join
Monkey Power Trio, the telephone hand Tearing Down the Parthenon Pocahontas Swamp Machine
Toxie newgate Newgate Goner
Lenz Leaving (the 21st Century) Ways To End A Day 1-2-3-4 GO!
Hobocop FAREWEATHER SCUM Half-Man Half-Cop Self Released
Monkey Power Trio, The rug burn party Who Cares What The Vultures Want Self Released
king missle eating people the pychopathlogy of every one
Housewives Lick The Pip Housewives R.I.P. Society
mondo beatman comp the monsters -iwanna be dead various artists rockin bones
the boys kiss like nun the boys nems
gizmos dead astonaunts
llimanarina suomen ainoa elvis
Suns Of Guns 5000 Watts 5000 Watts Windian Records
lazy cowgirls godamn bottle
Static Eyes trouble Trouble Windian Records
The Finders Finders Keepers Cheap Rewards