Cargo Shorts and Crew Cuts

h.g. & Phil & Trotsky



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Monday 4/15/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Stress My Father is a Fascist Bloodstains Across Belgium 2 Bloodstains
Wasch! Homo Superior Metal Goes the Mountain Strike Back
Flowers in the Dustbin Last Tango in Vietnam Freaks Run Wild in the Disco All the Madmen
V/A H-Bomb White Noise- H-Bomb White Noise American Gothic Bomp!
Free Radicalz Never Forever Demo Self Released
Watermelon Men Nowhere Train Past, Present and Future What Goes On
Hammer Damage Automatic Lips Laugh/Automatic Lips Last Laugh
Stupids So Much Fun Peruvian Vacation COR
Neighborhood Brats Lurking the Loin Self-Titled 12"
Death Ride 69 Sex Drive '68 Elvis Christ, the LP Flipside
Negative Trend Black and Red 1978-1979 Discography
the Death Folk Yellow 1 Self-Titled New Alliance
Nu Sensae Gumbo Tea Swamp Park Suicide Squeeze
Warm Dark Pocket the Other Side Self-Titled Faction
Parlor the Trade Demo Self-Released
V/A Life in a Blender- Back to the Womb Antipop Fang
Fade to Black Soundtrack Corridors of Gender CD
Broken Water Orange Blossom Stains Tempest
Waterfront Home Teenage Girl in Love New Breed of Mermaid CBS
the Only Ones Creature of Doom the Only Ones
Death of Samantha Yellow Fever Laughing in the Face of a Dead Man Homestead
Screamers Need a Head On, the Scream In a Better World
Crucial Youth the Scene is Like a Bowling Ball the Posi-Machine New Red Archives
Fat Day Captain Comeback Burrega 100% Breakfast
Stickers Old Nirvana Brother Keith
V/A Radio Werewolf- Buried Alive American Gothic Bomp!
Vicious Pink Fetish Fetish Manhattan
Family Stoned Plague of Angels Don't Be Above Me
Fashion Music the Innocent Self-Titled International Record Syndicate
the Vernons Running Free on T.AV. Smithdown Road Probe Plus
Part 1 Ghost Self-Titled
Steelwool Broom Sauce Ian Empty