Crazed Cacophony

Amerz5 & Subtle Bunny


Ambient & Beach & Funk & Hip Hop & Indie Pop & Jazz & Pop & Punk & Rock & Soul

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Saturday 4/06/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
The Zombies Care of Cell 44 Oracle and Odysset
Evelyn Evelyn Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn? Evelyn Evelyn 8ft. records
Wes Montgomery Airgin While We're Young
Meat Puppets Whirpool Forbidden Places London Records
All Tiny Creatures Holography Harbors (Hometapes)
Changing Modes Diving Bell Here Self Released
The Challengers Scratch Killer Surf
Sleater-Kinney Oh! One Beat
Death Forgotten Past Leprosy
Screeching Weasel I Wrote Holden Caulfield Weasel Mania
Pinhead Gunpowder 2nd Street Impulsive Disclosure
The Lemonbabies Maybe Someday Benten Bentoh Vol 2.
Enon Knock That Door Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence
Bitesize BTO Sophmore Slumb
Television Marquee Moon Marquee Moon
Telekinesis! All of a Sudden Telekenesis!
Katie and the Lichen How Rocks Form This Forest Isn't Big Enough
Electric Hands Up Life is Moving (Organically Grown Sounds)
Isley Brothers For the Love of You Greatest Hits Vol 1
Tower of Power Come Back Baby Urban Renewal
Al Green Full of Fire Full of Fire
Lux Coroner's Office We Are Not the Sane
Melting Hopefuls What Gets Me Up Viva La Void
Big Bad Buffalo CUT First EP Self Released
Bob Mould Star Machine Silver Age
Rocket From the Crypt Guilt Free Hot Charity
Black Heart Procession Tropics of Love Amore del Tropico
The Go Find Dictionary Stars on the Wall
Golden Summer Hot Slow Dime
Melon Galia L'epaisseur d'un Cheveu Les Embarras du Quotidien