Private Bodysong

DJ Onda

Myra Maines here this morning to crawl into your ears, sleep inside of your brain, and share an incredible burger with your soul.


60S Rock & Alternative & Folk & Jazz & Latin

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Sunday 3/31/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Lotte Kestner Flume Stolen Saint-Loup SSS
Low Roar Patience Low Roar Tonequake OOO
Memoryhouse Old Haunts The Slideshow Effect Sub Pop MMM
Passenger & Jess Chalker The Girl Running Flight Of The Crow Inertia EEE
Hickey & Sohn Cannibal Lick My Bones Hickey & Sohn
Slowdive Rutti Pygmalion Creation BBB
High Highs Pines Open Season Sony UUU
Wolf Larsen If I Be Wrong Totarti Silence NNN
Evi Vine In This Moment And So The Morning Comes Evi Vine NNN
Helios In Everything Was Given Moiety Unseen YYY
Moddi Littlejune Random Skywriting Moddi
Ofrin Dry Better By Far Stamp LLL
Devics The Man I Love My Beautiful Sinking Ship Bella Union OOO
Prehistöricos Distintos Los Salvajes Prehistöricos VVV
Papermaps Wishful Thinker Papermaps Sparks EEE
Sea Oleena Swimming Story Sleeplessness Bridgetown SSS
Balmorhea The Winter Rivers Arms Western
Last Days Run Home The Safety Of The North Play My Tape YYY
Teitur Don't Want You To Wake Up Stay Under The Stars Edel OOO
Like A Friend Pulp This Is Hardore Island UUU