The Morning Sickness

Belle Starr & Bonanza Jellybean

Loren fills-in... freak the funk and the nasty junk


Cy TwomblyUntitled (circa 2001)


Country & Folk & Psych & Rock

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Tuesday 3/26/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Center of the World No End Center of the World Vol.1 Fractal Frank Wright; Bobby Few; Alan Silva; & Muhammad Ali - Live in Detmold, Neue Anta, 1978
Arthur Doyle Quartet Noah Black Ark Live @ The Cooler The Lotus Sound Arthur Doyle (t. sax); Wilber Morris (b); Rudolph Grey (g); & Tom Surgal (d) rec. 3/15/95 NYC
Coffee Oxyminus Artifact/Artifact Shadow The Lotus Sound rec. 11:15 PM or so on 4/29/97 Rochester, NY
Uton & Valerio Corsi Hetken Aika (Kolmessa Maailmassa) Kaarmeenkaantopiiri Fire Museum rec. 2006
Sandoz Lab Technicians Crocus Blossom The Western Lands Last Visible Dog 2007
Dreyblatt, Arnold Turntable History (excerpt) Turntable History Important Recording of a sound installation by Arnold Dreyblatt for the Singuhr Gallery, Berlin, 2009
La Monte Young & The Theatre of Eternal Music Raag Bhairava (excerpt) Raag Bhairava no label NYC 1960 *new???
Princess Flower And The Moon Rays Rainbow Forest Dreaming The Magic Of Your Maya/Voyage To Nebadon Wah-Wah Records Sound *new orig. New York 1970
Ghedalia Tazartes Le Dernier Concert Check Point Charlie Holidays Records orig. 1990
Hanson, J./Riccardo Lucchesi J. Hanson - The Missionary Song Course Of Empire Los Discos Enfantasmes *new
Cheryl E. Leonard Adelie Colony Adolescent Chicks Chattermarks: Field Recordings from Palmer Station, Antarctica Great Hoary Marmot Music 2009
Jiyeon Kim Drops