Cosmic Undertones

Mountainear & Sista Sol

Volume ten, one of zen,

With quite a variation to bring you elataion. 

Despite our actions, the world still turns;

Let's change our ways quickly, hope our species learns 


Electronic & Funk & Hiphop & Jazz & Soul

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Friday 3/15/2013 @ 4:30AM - 6:00AM
Lovage To Catch A Theif Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By 75 Ark 2001
Skalpel Theme From Skalpel Ninja Tune 2004
Evil Needle Soft Touch Finding Time Ten Million Sounds 2013,
Adrian Younge Jimmy's Dead Black Dynamite: Original Sound Track Wax Poetics 2009
Shag Sometimes You Win 1992 2012,
Billie Holiday You Got To My Head
Pink Martini No Hay Problema
Calexico Banderilla
Note Manouche Le Flair De Celmar
Raphael Gualazzi Reality and Fantasy (Giles Peterson Remix)
Thundercat Walkin' Golden Age Of Apocalypse Brainfeeder 2011
Luke Ob Girl From Alderan Let's Bring Some Hot To Hoth Good Net Labels 2012
Sweater Beats Remember Young Love/Heartbreakers v2 2012,
Ohbliv Badarou Finding Time Ten Million Sounds 2013,
Space Ghost 3 weeks You're There Astro Nautico 2012,
Eufoteoria Incubus Expoet Export 2012,
M. Constant Cycles Atlantics Vol 2 Astro Nautico 2012,
Apollo Brown Odds Aint Fair (Instrumental)
Air La Femme D'Argent
Tony Murena Indifference
Three Leg Torso B & G
Red Hot Chili Peppers Zephyr Song By The Way