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Tonight's show features artists on the Slovenly Recordings label. Slovenly was born in 2002 out of the ashes of 702 Records founded by Pete "Sticker Guy" Menchetti. The label specializes in garage, punk, and good 'ol rock 'n roll. I'll also be spinning tunes from many of the bands playing the Debauch-A Reno #2 fest on 3/22 through 3/24 in Sparks, NV to celebrate the 20th anniversay of Sticker Guy.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Sunday 3/17/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Anomalys, The Rock 'N Roll World s/t Slovenly (playing)
Oops, Thee Happy Charlie Happy Charlie Slovenly
Spits, The Beat You Up P.A.I.N. EP Slovenly
King Automatic From Commercial Road To Elstree From Commercial Road To Elstree b/w Closing Time Slovenly (playing)
Paint Fumes Sally Smoked Dope Sally Smoked Dope E.P. Slovenly out 4/2/13
Los Vigilantes Mi Mami Dijo Mi Mami Dijo b/w Que Mal Slovenly (playing)
Las Ardillas La Buscaré Linda Niña EP Slovenly (playing)
The Hussy Yr Stupid Way With Words E.P. Slovenly out on 4/16/13
Atomiks, The Ever Motordeath Slovenly (playing)
Trouble Makers, The You Can't Blame That On Me The Great Lost Trouble Makers Album Slovenly (playing)
Okmoniks Teenage Timebomb Party Fever Slovenly
Rippers, The I'm Going Out Of Control Better The Devil You Know Slovenly
Pentrators, The Bad Woman Bad Woman Slovenly
Voyager 8 Hellshovel - Yolanda Acid Baby Jesus & Hellshovel Present... Slovenly (playing)
Acid Baby Jesus Why Aren't You Laughing Now Acid Baby Jesus Slovenly (playing)
Subsonics Too Damaged In The Black Spot Slovenly
Jack of Heart Eureka Eureka Slovenly
J. C. Satan Hell Death Samba Hell Death Samba Slovenly
Introducers, the Wicked Close Ups Slovenly
Gain, The Alright (Louder Than Pop) ABCD & E Slovenly
Cheeps Werewolves n/a Slovenly
Shannon and the Clams Rip Van Winkle Dreams In the Rat House Hardly Art - out on 5/21 (playing)
Sonics Boss Hoss Here Are The Sonics!!! Etiquette - 1965 cd (playing)
The Sloths Makin' Love Makin' Love b/w You Mean Eveything Ugly Things Records (reissue) original release 1965 (playing)
Gories Charm Bag House Rockin' Wanghead Records (playing)
Th Losin Streaks It's My Pride Sounds of Violence Slovenly
Nu Sensae Throw split with Coathangers Suicide Squeeze (playing)
The Psyched I'm Psyched The Psyched Slovenly (playing)
Magnetix Darktide Drogue Electrique Slovenly
Spitting Image Stone Tomb Valley Floor 7 (playing)
Audacity Indian Chief Mellow Cruisers Burger/Recess (playing)
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! It's Great ¡¡¡Viven!!! Slovenly
Demon's Claws At The Disco The Defrosting Of... In The Red (playing)
Hipshakes No Reason Why Shake Their Hips Slovenly
Anomalys, The Kiss and Run s/t Slovenly cd (playing)
Black Lips Stuck In My Mind In & Out Slovenly
Crushstory Crack the Whip! Pressure Building 702 Records
Audacity Punk Confusion Mellow Cruisers Burger/Recess
Voyager 8 Ancient Shadows Acid Baby Jesus & Hellshovel Present... Slovenly