He Hates Music, He Loves Noise

Robin Redbeast

Hg is in the studio, covering for me tonight. Don't inhale.


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Thursday 3/07/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Telex Euro-Vision Neurovision Sire
The Spits I H8 Pussies The Spits S/R
Slaughter and the Dogs/ V/A The Bitch V/A The Crap Stops Here Rabis Entertainment
The Nosebleeds/ V/A Aint Been No Music V/A The Crap Stops Here Rabis Entertainment
Chad Allan & The Expressions/ V/A Shakin' All Over V/A Made In Canada. Volume One Sundazed
The Tweeds Part Of The Game Part Of The Game b/w No More Arf Arf
Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake Carbo Hydro S/T S.S
Sister Everybody Sister Parts Unknown
Minutemen/ V/A 9:30 Cracks in the Sidewalk V/Awalk SST
Full Boney La Sullen Teen Full Boney Allied
Superhelicopter Yes I Do Indicted Wrench
The Observers Short Day/ Normal Normal Lead Pill Super Secret
Vomit Launch Knock Your Self Knock Your Self Swirl-o-rama
The Celibate Rifles Bill Bonney Regrets The Turgid Miasma Of Existence Hot
Horny Mormons / V/A B track 1 Sac Anthology V/A Sac
Four Eyes/ V/A Rock n Roll Martian Sac Anthology V/A Sac
Chinese Telephones Magic Beans For The Taking Chinese Telephones/ Potential Johns No Idea
The Upskirts Panda Stomp Radiation Romeos b/w Panda Stomp RocknRoll Blitzkreg
Dementia Precox Maladie D'Esprit SCHP Prehensile
Neighborhood Watch I Want a Corvette Feeding the Hands that Bite S/R
Wiccans Psychic Mirrors/ Field II Katorga Works
The Detonators Crime and Punish Ment/ Angry Young Man Econo Christ/The Detonators Insurreksion
Sickoids Hope Subsides Residue
Econo Christ Uncontrolable Urge Econo Christ/The Detonators Insurreksion
Octagon Control Wang Copter Slackattack Krazy Keith
Astrolloyd Rebel Youth Beckys Underpant's S.P.A.M.
Rifle Sport Boc Of Cart Complex Ruthless
Vulture Shit Whole Lotta Nothin I Love The Way He Touches His Computer EP Self Released
Aristides My Friends A Jerk Futures Are For Losers S/R
S.N.F.U Broken Toys And No One Else Wanted To Play Better Youth Organized
Rythm Pigs Censorshit Choke On This Mordam
Token Entry Actions From Beneath Streets Postive Force
Double Negative Stop Growing S/T No Way