The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

Sweet mother of god, it's the Chicken Years Radio Show. Do not let anyone with a heart or bowell condition within 17 feet of the radio, or you'll be picking up bodies..or worse. Plead for spinach salad call 530 752 2777 it could be the next call you make!



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Tuesday 3/05/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Various Artists the curious dr. hupp. Batshit Crazy Bat Guano
Warped Wave, The 707 Service Oooh-ahhh Nowhere Records
Avocado Baby Queenboy and the King Girl Slampt
DOGBOWL heres comes the man with the lucked out eyes
dogbowl california is ,y x wife
Nothing People Walk On C'mon Girl b/w Walk On SS Records
The Cartoons She's a Rock and Roller/Who Cares Last Laugh
Drive-Thru Mystics I love the sun A Thousand Years of Oblivion Self Released
D.I. hang ten in east berlin anciet artifacts
Four Slicks, The minus blast off Four On The Floor Slick
dils rockers rouge
Segall, Ty & Mikal Cronin Ramona Reverse Shark Attack In The Red
Various Artists merzbow- Belly Of The Whale Important
Various Artists crappy-wreaks of effort Batshit Crazy Bat Guano
Useless Eaters SMOKE ALARM Hypertension Jeffery Drag/Frenchkiss
Hobocop FAREWEATHER SCUM Half-Man Half-Cop Self Released
Foot Village This Song Is A Drug Deal Make Memories Northern Spy
XBXRX Sounds Important
Max Load YOU'RE A BLUR. Max Load BDR Records
disturbed furniture information
Wimps GRUMP Repeat End of Time Records
Ratsak ENDURANCE MANUAL 20th Century Bricolage 12XU
Spray Paint DOWN TO PARTY Spray Paint SS Records
Ausmuteants Ah...What An Ugly Face Every Face Is Heinous Anus
unrest hydroplane
joey tampon and the toxic shocks i wanna blow up a building
Dead Guy john dear White Meat Dada