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Friday 2/15/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Suicidal Tendencies Lost Again Lights Camera Revolution
Iron Age Younger Earth Sleeping Eye
Malignancy Global Systemic Collapse Eugenics
Shrine of Scars Septic Romance The Knife
Pig Destroyer The Bug Book Burner
Demolition Hammer Human Dissection Epidemic of Violence
Soma Ras Veiled in Deceit 3 Song Ep
Hell Born Cursed Infernal Steel Cursed Infernal Steel
Maveth Hymn to Azael Coils of the Black Earth
Iniquitous Father Opiate Limp Splitter 2 Compilation
Elephant Gun Rib-Eye For the Dead Guy Party Child
Blood Tsunami Castle of Skulls Grand Feast for Vultures
Destroyed By Anger Fistful of Daisies Destroyed By Anger
Spawn of Possession Servitude of Souls Incruso
Ad Noctum Die in Fire Excellence of Supremacy
Atlantean Kodex Disciples of the Iron Crown Golden Bough
Nekromantheon Embrace the Oracle Rise Vulcan Spectre
Converge Empty on the Inside All We Love We Leave Behind
Eastern Front Unleash the Panzer Division Blood on Snow
Huntress Spell Eater Spell Eater
Savatage 24 Hours Ago Hall of the Mountain King
Jud Jud Slither Song Demos 7" (on pink vinyl)
Diocleatian Might is Right War of All Against All
Tombs Divide Winter Hours
Vassago Total War Brings Total Death Knights from Hell
Satan Blades of Steel Court in the Act