The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

Riot subs for Mick who must have the chicken flu.  Tonight, Punk Rock and a ticket giveaway!

Ticket giveaway for the Agent Orange show!!!
SAT, FEB 16.
Agent Orange, Simpl3jack, The Aberzombies, No Beatings From Holly, Rebel Radio
at the Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane, Orangevale a/a $15 7pm/8pm




Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Tuesday 2/12/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Old Skull Pizza Man C.I.A. Drug Fest Restless
Anal Mucus I Am Your Pizza 86-97 Six Weeks
All You Can Eat/Les Is More All You Can Eat - Food Fight Pink Uzi 7inch
All You Can Eat/Les Is More All You Can Eat - Ignore Ant Pink Uzi 7inch
Middle Class Out Of Vogue Out Of Vogue - The Early Material Fontier
Jerry's Kids Is This My World? Is This My World? TAANG!
Fleas And Lice Never Enough Prepare For Armageddon Rodent Popsicle
No Trend Reality Breakdown Top-Forty Hit Teen Beat
Various Artists Intensified Chaos - Intensified Chaos
Various Artists Social Unrest - Their Mistakes
Various Artists Naked Lady Wrestlers - Dan With The Mellow Hair
Various Artists M.A.D. - Holocaust
Various Artists Killroy - Rich Plastic People
Various Artists Fang - Fun With Acid
Various Artists Capitol Punishment - El Salvador
Various Artists Ribsy - Collapse
Various Artists Crucifix - Annihilation
Various Artists Square Cools - I Don't Wanna Die For My Country
Various Artists Los Olvidados - Pay Salvation
Various Artists Code Of Honor - What Price Will You Pay?
Various Artists 7 Seconds - Fuck Your Amerika
Various Artists Unaware - Race War
Cockney Rejects Police Car Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Captain Oi!
Youth Brigade Boys In The Brigade Out Of Print BYO
Cockney Rejects I Wanna Be A Star The Punk Singles Collection Anagram
Youth Brigade Sink With California Sink With Kalifornjia BYO
Submission Hold I Meant To Put My Foot Down, But I Put It In My Mouth Instead/(Free Thinker) Garlic For Victory Hopscotch 7inch
Agent Orange Bloodstains Living In Darkness Posh Boy/Rhino
Agent Orange Too Young To Die Living In Darkness Posh Boy/Rhino
Agent Orange Everything Turns Grey Living In Darkness Posh Boy/Rhino
Spent Idols Do The Pogo Spent City Rockers 1+2
Dead Milkmen Right Wing Pigeon Big Lizard In My Backyard Restless
Proleteriat Westernization Voodoo Economics and Other American Tragedies TAANG!
Government Satire/Defiant Trespass Government Satire - Cooperation Not Competition split Square Of Opposition
Icon A.D. Fight For Peace Lest We Forget Overground
D.O.A. America The Beautiful War On 45 Sudden Death
Pist Your America Input Equals Output Havoc
Brother Inferior/N.O.T.A. Brother Inferior - Who Will Protect Us? split Havoc
Crucifucks Go Bankrupt And Die Our Will Be Done Alternative Tentacles
Youth Of Today Youth Of Today Can't Close My Eyes Revelation
Stalag 13 No Excuse In Control Dr. Strange
Defiance Hands Of The Few Complete Singles Collection Punkcore
Varukers Invest In Your People Murder Rodent Popsicle
Deprived Take From The Rich Discography Threat To Existence
Antidote Something Must Be Done Thou Shalt Not Kill Hellbent
Wasted Youth Young And Bored Reagan's In/Get Out Of My Yard! Medusa
FEAR Foreign Policy The Record Slash/Rhino
Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster Mommy's Little Monster Time Bomb
Faction Yesterday Is Gone Collection 1982-1985 Beer City