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Monday 2/04/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Material Time Out One Down Elektra 1982
Jacobites Big Store, Snow White/ Fortune Fame Robespierre's Velvet Basement Glass 1985
The Disturbed Gnarly Factor/ You Make Me Sick Totalled Volvo Sleazetone 1987
Human Sexual Response Dick and Jane Fig. 14 Eat 1980
Rain Parade 1 Hr 1/2 Ago Emergency Third Rail Power Trip Enigma 1983
The Wedding Present Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft George Best Reception 1988
The June Brides On the Rocks No Place Called Home In Tape 1985
The Times This Green and Pleasent Land This is London Art Pop 1986
The Waxmen No Easy Street The Waxmen Purge 1988
Alarming Trends So Long Zsa Zsa Alarming Trends Large 1985
Random Hold Dance Feeling/ The March Burn The Buildings RCA 1982
The Dispossessed Kingdom Kingdom Sister Mary Dagger 1988
Waves of Grain Horizon Cinema The West Was Fun Stonegarden 1985
The Stevens A Cotillion During War Firing Squab Apples and Uncles 1983
The Nightingales Which Hi- Fi? The Nightingales E.P Cherry Red 1982
The Not Lonely Afternoon Kids Survive Not Records 1985
FingerPrintz Hey Mr. Smith The Very Dab Virgin 1979
Woolen Kits Sandra Four Girls R.I.P. Society/Trouble In Mind New
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Any Day Now Ready For Boredom R.I.P. Society New
Kitchen's Floor Needs Look Forward To Nothing Siltbreeze 2011
Dick Diver New Start Again New Start Again Chapter Music New
Deaf Wish I Traded You Deaf Wish Radio 2007
Alternative Suffer in Silence If they treat you like shit- act like manure Corpus Christi 1985
Super Heroines The Beast Cry For Help Bemisbrain 1982