No Cure For The Terminally Awkward


art: caro-ma




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Tuesday 1/29/2013 @ 9:30AM - 11:00AM
The Credibility Gap Foreign Novelty Smash The World's Worst Records Vol. 2 Rhino
The Field Mice Sensitive Temple Cloud Sarah
The Wedding Present My Favorite Dress William Best Reception
Another Sunny Day You Should All Be Murdered Temple Cloud Sarah
The Sundogs Sleep Young Blood rooArt
My Favorite Absolute Beginners Again Montecarlo Elefant
Poundsign Corduroy Chair Super Winners Summer Rock Academy St. Francis
The Triffids Beautiful Waste This is Hot Hot
The Nips Happy Song This Is Mod Cherry Red
Look Blue Go Purple Cactus Cat In Love With These Times Flying Nun
The Shop Assistants Tried To Tell You Good Feeling 53rd and 3rd
Mother's Ruin With Us Swiss Wave The Album Off Course
Clever Sumday WantCompUno Wantage
Wack Mags Baby, Baby, Baby You're Soaking In It! Skyclad
Parasol Vicky's Song Scoot Over 7" Nervous Nelly In Davis this Saturday!
Ladyshave Tonight Swiss Wave The Album Off Course
The Flies In The Dark Nobody Gets On The Guest List Throbbing Lobster
Perverts I'm Out Of Control That's Mighty Childish Vendetta
Classic Ruins Let's Get Dull Nobody Gets On The Guest List Throbbing Lobster
The Cake Kitchen Airships Xpressway Pile=Up Avalanche