Fever Dreams


FEVER DREAM XVII: This Concludes Our World 

 It was 10:10pm on Friday, December  21st, 2012 I sat in a small, musty recliner in a crowded 1st-floor apartment where a holiday party was being held, my head pounding from the sensory overload of red and black candles, egg nog, latkes, and the ever crescendoing drums and whistles of Mayan warriors. The room became hotter and hotter, even as the open window brought gusts of deathly cold air, colder even than space itself. We all knew the world was destroying itself, so I got up and joined the rest in our last and most rapturous dance of our lives.- Vaporwave, Trip-Hop, Indie, Retro-Pop


Altrock & Downtempo & Eclectic & Electronic & Funk & Indie & New Wave

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Thursday 12/20/2012 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
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