Upper Realm Shrieks: Music & Words

David D. Young

This evening's theme is the Differing Ways That People Have Fun & the prospect that 1 person's good times might be misery to someone else.  Like for 1 person watching horror flicks on a very large LED television might be their prime moment filled with joy & for another person the very same activity might be uncomfortable or dull. Lately, my funest activity is either at home or a coffeehouse drawing in my sketchpad & hours can go by & I don't even notice it. A very good example of somebody having a really fun time on this eve's show is Charley Pride live in person in Fort Worth in 1969, complete with his anecdotes at the concert.


Bluegrass & Jazz & Rock & Soul & Spoken Word

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Saturday 10/27/2012 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
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