Interim 13

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Monday 12/27/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Stephen Mallinder Length of Time Pow-Wow Plus Doublevision
Cabaret Voltaire Walls of Jerico Eddie's Out 12-inch Rough Trade
Kim Ki O Hayir Hayir Hayir Hayir Hayir Ha... Dans Enfant Terrible 2010
Cheveu Sensual Drug Abuse 1000 Born Bad/Kill Shaman *forthcoming
Blank Realm Logan's Hands Deja What? Bedroom Suck 2010
Clean, The Point That Thing Somewhere Else Anthology Merge
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Tuning Out Rush To Relax Goner Records 2010
Guinea Worms Drunk In Your Uggs Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) Columbus Discount
A Frames Ice Cave 3 3 3 SS Records
Rank/Xerox Masking/Confesions self-titled Mongo Bongo
Grand Trine/Black Feelings GT- Radio Frequency Identification split Blue Skies Turn Black
Defektors Never Really The Bottom of the City Nominal
Puffy Areolas Fuck Your Pretzel In the Army 1981 Siltbreeze
Drunkdriver Bad Year self-titled WTD
Lamps I've Been on a Lot of Camels Niels Bohr Was An Excellent Ping Pong Player Dull Knife
Rot Shit Dead I You're Welcome Columbus Discount
Big Black Cloud Allergic to Love Dark Age Stank House
Ruffin, Vex & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads New Wipeout self-titled Black Gladiator/Slovenly
Home Blitz Nighttime Feel Out of Phase Richie Records
Tyvek Nothing Fits Nothing Fits In The Red
Dead Wife Txt Me D.W.S.Y.H.F. Psychic Handshake
Mujeres No Quiero Verte Mas 3 Canciones de Muerte y Sudor Discos Humeantes
Chinese Restaurants Summer Romance Summer Romance Ss
Ward, Samuel Locke + Darren Brown Freeze From the Privilege of the Grave Grotto
Druid Perfume Other Worlds Other Worlds M'Lady's/Italy
Sightings Sky Above Mud Below City of Straw Brah Records
Intelligence, The tuned to puke Males In The Red Records
Meercaz Moving Up at the Speed of Sound Space Hate Tic Tac Totally
Waste Rig Follow Yr Dreams Ritual Cleansing: Phase 2010 CS Pollen Season
Nothing People Is This What You Want? Soft Crash Ss
San Francisco Water Cooler Reverie II Sun Sneeze
Eat Skull What's So Magnetic? Crawl for Freedom CS Palto Flats
G. Green I Will Not Withdraw This Statement I Will Not Withdraw This Statement Malt Duck
Whines, The Straybird Hell to Play Meds
El Jesus de Magico Dave Song Ragtime Hors CS Goaty Tapes
Milk Music No Life Beyond Living self-released