Interim 13

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Monday 12/20/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Tractor Sex Fatality Mouth on the Wall Bloodeagle Big Neck *new
Phantom 309 Buffy's Mitt split LP w/ The Sun Also Rises Tupelo 1990?
Zulus Variations debut 7-inch Wizard Mountain *new
Hank IV The Noise of Carpet [Stereolab] III Siltbreeze *new
Reading Rainbow Prism Eyes Prism Eyes HoZac *new
Reading Rainbow Tough Love Hookup Klub 7-inch HoZac 2010
Duchess of Saigon B.D. Wong Hootenanny 7" Plastic Idol 2004
Duchess of Saigon Holiday Rumble Easter Queen 7-inch SS Records 2002
G. Green The Garden I Will Not Withdraw This Statement Malt Duck 2010
Consignment Do You Know Gone Baby Sweet Rot *new
Brazilian Money Bones Doing What I Want Totally Disconnected 2010
Pheromoans Shark Fucks [Tronics] lathe 7-inch Scotch Tapes *forthcoming
Hygiene 29 Bus Recruitment 7-inch Going Underground *new
Tyvek Outer Limits Nothing Fits In The Red *new
Ruffin, Vex & the Lo-Fi Jerkheads it's hard to be a moptor self-titled Black Gladiator/Slovenly 2010
Tortured Tongues Let Me Down Let Me Down 7-inch HoZac *new
The Stalins of Sound Baton of Discipline 7-inch Volar *new
Dangerous Boys Club Ferrari VRIL Fast Weapons *new
Silentist Seaside Chariot Swing EP Celestial Gang 2005
Fall of Because Grind v/a: Mortar Permis De Construire Deutschland 1992
Jaz Coleman Side One The Courtald Talks Invisible 1989
Severed Heads Guests City Slab Horror Ink 1985
Shadow Ring Knock Between Doors Lighthouse Swill Radio 1999
Anti-Group Chozzar Over Abyss/Pre-Eval Digitaria Sweatbox 1986
P.F.S. Illustrative Problems Illustrative Problems Cuneiform 1987
Art Bears Rats & Monkeys Winter Songs Ralph 1979
Witch Trials Trapped in the Playground self-titled 12-inch EP Subterranean 1981
Skinny Puppy The Choke [Re-Grip] Dig It 12-inch EP Nettwerk 1986
Noise Unit Alle Gegen Alles Strategy of Violence Dossier 1992
Frontline Assembly Iceolate Caustic Grip Wax Trax 1990