Tim Matranga

We'll hear a track or two from a great new reissue by Sweden's Tages. How did this band escape me for so long?


ALSO we'll hear R&B soul and 60s rock/psych, including bands from PERU and NEW ZEALAND.


This will be good so tune in!


Garage & Psych & Soul

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Sunday 11/14/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Trashmen Bird Bath Surfin' Bird Garrett
Goldtones Strike Diggin Out Mr Mannicotti
Major Lance The Matador Okeh
Jeb Stuart The Greasy Frog Bingo 1964
Invictus New Babe (Since I Found You) Rama
Richard Temple That Beatin' Rhythm Mirwood
Winfield Parker I Love You Just the Same
Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds Broadway Freeze Pts 1 & 2 Magic Touch 1967
Los Drags Damelo Mi Nena Back to Peru v 2 Vampi Soul
Diplomats of Solid Sound Promise of a Brand New Day What Goes Around Comes Around Pravda
Los Siderals Dongoh more Peruvian 60s sounds
Kela Gates Loca Por Un Loco
Tirando Dedo Melcochita Y Sus Invitados
Beautiful Days Full of Fear
Les Bellas It's a Crying Shame Belladelic Les Disques Steak/SDZ France, 2010
Kaleidoscope Colours Kaliedoscope La Ciruela Electrica Costa Rica
Melchior, Dan und Das Menace adjunct to me Visionary Pangs SS Records new release
Wounded Lion Muppet Babies Pointed Sticks Trouble in Mind new release
Jonathan Richman You Can Have a Cell Phone That's OK But Not Me Vapor recent 7 inch
Mike Rep & the Quotas War of the Worlds Stupor Hiatus Siltbreeze 1981 recording, 13th Floor Elevators tune
Shoes The Sun Un Dans Versailles R: Shadoks
Downliners Sect I Can't Get Away From You Penniman Remains cvr, org Pye
Remains Thank You The Remains Epic R: Sundazed
Sorrows She's Got the Action The Sorrows R: Sequel UK grp
Wanderers Higher Education Texas TX
The Id Boil the Kettle Mother The Inner Sounds of the Id R: World in Sound LA 1966/67
Hunger No Shame Strictly From Hunger: The Lost Album Akarma Portland late 60s
Tages Have You Seen Your Brother Lately Studio R: RPM Sweden Parlophone, 1967
La De Da's Thanks For the Flowers New Zealand garage/psych
Tages It's My Life Studio Sweden
The Dedikations Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith, and Jones more NZ 60s
126 Graveyard Paradise Graveyard Paradise UT Norway 60s
We All Together It's a Sin to Go Away We All Together Lazaudio Peru late 60s/early 70s
Sandhy & Mandhy La Indeferencia Los Pone Mal Para Castukis R: Lion Argentina
El Polen Concordancia (excerpt) Peru
Tony Caro & John All On the First Day All on the First Day R: Gaarden 1973, rec Muswell Hill London UK
Haizea Urzo Aphal Bat Haizea R: Guerssen Spain, 1977 folk psych prog