USSR Radio Sputnik

Boris & Natasha

be the best comrade you can be
enter space with US
 a little more disco and 70's school too
space disco, electro, funk
from far far away
why love your mate on planet earth to boring, typical earth music
when you can dance to futuristic electrobeatz on planet claire??? 


"Any" Wave & Dance & Disco & Electro & Electro Punk & Funk & Synth Pop

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Thursday 11/11/2010 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Fitz & The Tantrums Dear Mr. President Pickin' Up The Pieces Dangebird Records
B-52's Planet Claire B-52's Warne rBros; classic
Black Devil Disco Club We Never Fly Away Disco Club RCA
Lucy Montenegro Lucy Loves Hairy Boys V/A You Can Trust a Man in a Mustache Mustache Records *great compilation
Mac Jr. Elephant Song Moliendo Cafe Discomagic
Elitechnique Minirimi V/A You Can Trust a Man in a Mustache Mustache Records
Kathy Joe Daylor Little Witch (Magic Mix) Little Witch Jupiter
IRT Watch the Closing Doors Watch the Closing Doors 12" RCA
4-m International Space Operator Cosmic Science Good Vibes
Dee. D. Jackson Meteor Man Meteor Man 12" Jupiter natasha loves this
Atmosphere Swede's Scandal Fabric 43
Dharma Plastic Doll Diamond Collection
Jimmy Bo Horne Is it In Faith Presents TK Disco Faith
BWH Stop Stop/Living Up
Electrik Dragon Breakaway V/A You Can Trust a Man in a Mustache Mustache Records
Expanding Head Band The Sound of Breaking V/A Milky Disco II
Risque Starlight Starlight 12"
Starbow Voyager II Intersidereal Message 12" AVI
PiL Careering Second Edition Warner Bros. boris fave