Tim Matranga

An interesting album by Steve Elliot, 1969, New York City; a demo LP with very few copies issued. Most covers are slightly different, but very primitive over all. The music is pleasant and folky, moving in the jazz direction at times. Hear a track tonight, along with many more rock and soul and psych nuggets. Check Acid Archives 2nd edition for more information on this one.


Garage & Psych & Soul

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Sunday 11/07/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Sir Joe Jivin' Jean
David Thorne The Alley Cat Song Riverside
Dore Alpert Tell it To the Birds Carnival early Herb Alpert, 1960
Phonetics Just a Boys Dream
Servicemen Are You Angry Meet the Servicemen Wind Hit Phoenix soul
Jesse Davis Gonna Hang On In There Girl Era
Orthea Barnes Watch Out Boy Groovesville Review v 3 GSS
Unknown female singer (unknown title) Philly Soul Girls Funkadelphia
Darrow Fletcher What Good Am I Without You Jacklyn 1967
Don Covay & the Goodtimers Teen Life Swag Columbia
Ike & Tina Turner Finger Poppin' Loma
Little Jerry Williams I'm the Lover Man Loma
Rationals I Need You (take 4) Fan Club Album a2/Big Beat Ann Arbor 60s, Kinks song
Kinks Where Have All the Good Times Gone Kontraband Reprieve from BBC session
Barrier Dawn Breaks Through Incredible Sound Show Stories v 1 Dig the Fuzz UK 60s
T Swift & the Electric Bag Expo In Sound Are You Experienced R: Gearfab
Chocolate Watch Band Don't Need No Doctor Melts In Your Brain, Not on Your Wrist Big Beat
Flaming Ember Mind Body & Soul Hot Wax
Belfast Gypsies The Gorilla
Boystown Hello Mr Sun
Weathervane My Original Blue Plamie San Joaquin 60s garage
Flat Earth Society Shadows Waleeco R: Lightning Tree / Arf Arf
Influence Sir Archibald Influence ABC
Attack Go Your Way Magic in the Air Aftermath
The Attacks Are You ? That's Mister Frog to You Crunchy Frog 2010, Denmark
Beware of the Knight Just Like Prunes Some Songs About Some Street Beware of the Knight 2010, private press
The Pros MP Theme No 2 Love Return Barbarella tax scam album
Bad Trips Location Four Open Rocketship 2010, Ventura CA
Agent Ribbons Rubicks Cube Chateau Crone Antenna farm
Dungen Vara Snabb Skit I Allt Mexican Summer
Embrujo Voy Hacia El Sol Emrujo R: Shadoks Chilean, Arena, 1971, post-Kissing Spell
Food What It Seems to Be Forever Is a Dream Capitol
Steve Elliot Magic Steve Elliot Kalan dar Mahs Productions NYC private press, 1969
Emmett Taylor with Stephen Eyre Men of Delusion Emmett Taylor with Stephen Eyre Kerygma 1970-1 St Louis area Xian psych folk fuzz
The Sound Effect Seasons of a Man Love 1968, LA
John Pantry Red Chalk Hill Upside Down World of John Pantry Tenth Planet
Art Lessing There's A Place Lectures KDVS Recordings
Jandek Go to Bed
Envelope Peasant, The Next Year Will Be Beautiful, part 1 Lather