Sacto, Great Job!

Anrew & DYL DAWG

hello we are back now, it has been what like 6 weeks?  well we got a ton of new shit to lay on you.  also there are like tons of sick shows coming up.  check the deets below suckas


TOMORROW, Thursday, August 26th @ the Hub (1819 23rd Street, Sacramento)

Pete Swanson (ex-Yellow Swans)

Rene Hell (France)

Valley Daze (feat. Davy from Repressive Proteins, Antennas Erupt, etc)

Sagan Genesis (Grandmother Ham, other KDVS dorks)

Friday, August 27th @ the Hub

Dadfag (modern riotgrrl rullorz from oakland)

La Corde (Wipers-esque doom punk from SF)

Blood Beach

Saturday, August 28th @ Fort Douglass (918 Douglas, Davis)

Dave Phillips

R. Jencks

Waxy Tomb (best Davis music prob)

Brian Ang

Monday, August 30th @ Sol Collective (2574 21st St., Sac)

Wavves (for $5???)

Ganglians (posi-girlpit)

Produce Produce (buy fresh, buy local lofi)


Tuesday, August 31st @ TBA

Adrian Orange (K Records)

Ali Baba




Diy & Garage & Pop & Punk Experimental

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Thursday 8/26/2010 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Teen Inc. Friend of the Night Fountains/Friend of the Night Self Released
Hornet Leg In Love With Yourself Still Life Stankhouse *new
Night Beats They Came In Through the Window H-Bomb Trouble in Mind
Tropical Sleep Girl With a Diamond Tooth Girl with a Diamond Tooth Trouble in Mind
Flips, The I Just Don't Know Where I Stand I Just Don't Know Where I Stand HoZac
Shannon & the Clams Paddy's Birthday Paddy's Birthday Southpaw
White Fang Rubbing Elmos Old Standard Sessions #1 Boom! & White Fang Hovercraft *new, 45
Roy Orbison You Got It Mystery Girl Virgin 1989
The Rolling Stones Love In Vain Liver Than You'll Ever Be Trademark of Quality recorded 1969 in Oakland
Puffy Areolas Teen Scene Cream Rock n Roll Express Die Stasi
Banque Allemande Zur Stunde Noch Unklar Eins, Zwei S-S
White Boss Darkness / Lightness self-titled Perennial
Cysts, The Destroy Masters The Cyst Seizure Palace
HPP Suicide/Homicide s/t Perennial *new
Fang Skinheads Smoke Dope Landshark Boner
Brilliant Colors Kissing's Easy Never Mine b/w Kissing's Easy Slumberland
Electric Bunnies Pretty Joanna Pretty Joanna Sacred Bones
Scraps Salty Sea A Salty Sea Dirty Knobby
v/a Teen Sheikhs- Germs Compilation Italian Beach Babes/Paradise Vendors Inc
The Aislers Set Hit the Snow The Last Match Slumberland
The Soft Boys I Wanna Destroy You Underwater Moonlight
Enchantments, The Party at the Enchantments The Heavenly Sounds of... You Got Da Shit Breath
Produce Produce I Live In Our Parent's Garage Produce Produce EP Gaarth Records
Zach Hill Lady Gaga Lil' Scuzzy 10 Altamont Clothing *new
Channels 3 and 4 Input Select Christianity Gilgongo
Dead Milkmen Born to Love Volcanos Beelzebubba Enigma 1988
Strapping Fieldhands Lay Down A3, 33
Pavement From Now On Perfect Sound FOrever Dragcioty 199o
Husker Du Don't Wanna Know If You Are Lonely Candy Apple Grey Warner Brothers
Derniere Volonte Mes Failblesses Devant Le Miroir
Yellow Swans Mass Mirage At All Ends Load (pete swanson playing tomorrow at the Hub)
Primitive Tribes Fuck If I Know While No One Was Looking EP
Robot Assassins Vacuum Cleaner Beneath the Planet of the Apes Total Sound
Boston Chinks Coltrane S/T Goner
La Corde Back in Salem Back in Salem Self-Released
Beyond the Implode This Atmosphere This Atmosphere Siltbreeze
Galaxie 500 Tugboat Tugboat 7" Aurora 1988
Procedure Club Nautical Song Doomed Forever Slumberland
Black Tambourine Black Car By Tomorrow EP Slumberland
Whorl Mind Revolution Mind Revolution 7" Slumberland
Shit Eagle Girls in School Girls in School Florida's Dying
Bright Ideas Raincoats Rain Coats You Got Da Shit Breath
The Shins Eating Styes from Elephants' Eyes Nature Bears a Vacuum
The Summer Hits Mid Cinema Mod Cinema 7" Silver Girl
Boyracer David Byrne From Purity to Purgatory EP