Art for Spastics

DJ Rick

KDVS Presents is declaring FEATS OF STRENGTH this week until next:

 (1) Thu 8/26 @ The Hub

Pete Swanson (ex-Yellow Swans), Rene Hell (France), Valley Gaze, & Sagan Genesis

(2) Fri, 8/27 @ The Hub

Dadfag, La Corde, & Blood Beach

(3) Mon 8/30 @ Sol Collective

Wavves, Ganglians, G. Green, & Produce Produce

(4) Tue 8/31 @ The Hub

UV Race (Australia), Total Control (Australia), & White Hole

Hub = 1819 23rd Street in Sacto

Sol Collective = 2574 21st Street in Sacto

all shows $5, all ages!


Diy & Etc & Punk

Missed the Show?

MP3 320kbps, broadband

Monday 8/23/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
v/a UV Race - I'm So Tired The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 7 Almost Ready 2009
Total Control Total Control self-titled 7-inch Aarght! 2008
Total Control Full Moon [Swell Maps]
Banque Allemande The Baumarkt Nation Eins, Zwei S-S *new
Colin Newman I've Waited Ages A-Z Beggars Banquet 1980
The Dull I Hate the Motorcyclist v/a: Barricaded Suspects Toxic Shock 1983
Chinese Restaurants Summer Romance Summer Romance Ss *new
G. Green The Garden I Will Not Withdraw This Statement Malt Duck *new
Scraps Salty Sea A Salty Sea Dirty Knobby *new
Night Beats H-Bomb H-Bomb Trouble in Mind *new
Distraction Boys Pay Off the Cops Live on Ave. B 7-inch Cryptovision 1985
Brian Wilson Shock Treatment I Hear Voices Druid Time Lords Poe/Slutfish *new
Crawlspace Blame it on the Universe Ignorance Is Bliss Gulcher *new
Rocket From The Tombs i sell soul I Sell Soul b/w Romeo & Juliet Hearpen Records *new
Ralph Carney & David Thomas Sunset in Hibernia v/a: Bowling Balls from Hell Clone 1980
Denis DeFrange & Mark Frazier The Manikin Shuffle v/a: Bowling Balls from Hell
Franz Kultur et les Krames Ultime Atome self-titled Memoire Neuve *new (orig 1983)
v/a Crash Normal - Like a Horse Stuffs vol. 1 Compost Modern Art *new
Dictaphone, The Temporary Muse self-titled Kill Shaman *new
Druid Perfume Blue Light Tin Boat to Tuna Town Bumbo *new
Allbee, Liz The Undersides Theseus vs. Resipiscent *new
Fabulous Diamonds 5 Fabulous Diamonds II Siltbreeze *new
Psychic Baggage Dreams, Sir self-titled Endless Melt *new
North Sea, The Missed Court Dates Bloodlines Type *new
Sightings We All Amplify City of Straw Brah Records *new