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Monday 8/16/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Sonskull Control Control Birth Scene/Rewind EP Perennial KDVS Presents @ Hub, Sat 9/11
Sonskull Cement Mixer Birth Scene/Rewind EP Perennial *new
White Boss Mela self-titled Perennial *new
White Boss Darkness / Lightness self-titled Perennial *new
Puffy Areolas title unknown/1981/Deathcraze Live in Studio A, 8/12/10
Puffy Areolas title unknown 2010 Tour Tape no label *new
Puffy Areolas Rock n Roll Express Rock n Roll Express Die Stasi whoops, that's 33 1/3 rpm!
Meercaz third song actuallty Self-Titled Gulcher KDVS Presents @ Hub, Sat 8/21 w/ White Fang!
Procedure Club Nautical Song Doomed Forever Slumberland KDVS Presents @ Hub, Fri 9/10
Procedure Club Rather Doomed Forever Slumberland
Super Wild Horses Mess Around Fifteen HoZac KDVS Presents @ ORMF X fest, Sat 10/2
Super Wild Horses World's Gone Bad Enigma (You Say Go) HoZac *new
Grass Widow 11 of Diamonds Past Time Kill Rock Stars *new
Bitters, The Master of Sleep Have a Nap Hotel EP Sacred Bones *new
Fabulous Diamonds 3 Minutes 40 Seconds Fabulous Diamonds II Siltbreeze *new
This Heart Electric Nowhere to Run... Polar Die Stasi *new
Mac Blackout Sometimes Don't Let Your Love Die Sacred Bones *new
Electric Bunnies Pretty Joanna Pretty Joanna Sacred Bones *new
Sex Church Paralyze 209/Paralyze HoZac *new
San Francisco Water Cooler Your Life is a River II Sun Sneeze *new
San Francisco Water Cooler August Receipt II Sun Sneeze *new
Warm Climate Voice Over Headlights Camouflage on the River Wretched CS Stunned *new
Warm Climate Two Stones
Galbraith, Alastair Bridge of Burning Bubblegum Mass Siltbreeze *new
Galbraith, Alastair Tin Town Mass Siltbreeze
Amen Dunes Murder Dull Mind Murder Dull Mind EP Sacred Bones *new
G. Green The Garden I Will Not Withdraw This Statement Malt Duck *new
White Fang Eat My Shred Whatever Marriage Records KDVS Presents @ Hub, Sat 8/21
Hot Face The Patch 5-song demo No Label *new
Especially Likely Sloth Hammer Smashed Face [Cannibal Corpse] v/a: Roots II (The Return) Root of All Evil 1998
Rattle Dick some songs demo CS no label *new
J Guy Laughlin untitled Solo Percussion vol. 1 CS Wagon *new