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Justin Desmangles

This afternoon on the 4 o'clock hour we are joined by James Tatum, professor emeritus of classics at Dartmouth, to discuss his most recent work, co-authored with William W. Cook, professor emeritus of English and African American studies at Dartmouth, African American Writers and Classical Tradition.


"This book is a magisterial treatment of sophisticated Black literary artists who deployed the deep and rich resources of Greek and Latin classical texts. The complex phenomenon of Afro-classicism is laid bare for all to apprehend and appreciate!" - Cornel West, Princeton University

"Traditionally, African American literature has been treated like an orphan, shifted from one special-interest home to another where only a few can get that extra serving of porridge. Rarely has the genre been treated as seriously as by Cook and Tatum. Knowing them, I'm sure that this excellent book,
African American Writers and Classical Tradition, is the result of many hours of deliberation. They debunk for all time that African American literature is monotraditional." - Ishmael Reed



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Sunday 8/15/2010 @ 3:00PM - 5:00PM
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