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Tour majorly awesome tours are crossing our paths in the next week....First, tomorrow night at The Hub, G. Green shoves off for their first tour with their debut 7" in hand. Personal & the Pizzas and the Slippery Slopes are also on the bill! That's a no-brainer (in more ways than one!), right? Next Monday, Puffy Areolas roll through on their first West Coast tour!


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Monday 8/02/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
White Boy & the Average Rat Band Neon Warriors self-titled Roach *new (orig 1979)
Puffy Areolas Lutzko Lives Lutzko Lives Columbus Discount 2009
v/a Puffy Areolas - El Jita Skulls Without Borders Siltbreeze 2009
Puffy Areolas Heart Attack In the Army 1981 Siltbreeze
Ceramic Hobs Psychic Vampires Straight Outta Rampton Pumf 2001
Ceramic Hobs Scotch Mist 72 Hour Drink Binge Alco Pop Madness 7-inch Pumf
Severed Heads Sam Loves You Come Visit the Big Bigot Nettwerk 1986
Enchantments, The Rockin' at the Lost & Found The Heavenly Sounds of... You Got Da Shit Breath *new
March Violets The King of Junk Over the Rainbow Baby 1985
Rema Rema Instrumental Wheel in the Roses 4AD 1980
Rema Rema Fond Affections
Josef K Sense of Guilt Entomology 1980
Shearing Pinx/Twin Crystals Twin Crystals - Bones split Reluctant *new
Sex Church Mistaken 6 Songs Convulsive *new *request
Beez Easy Easy 7-inch Edible 1979
Mickey Wild Kind Highway Bound 7-inch Florida's Dying *new
v/a Slippery Slopes- Shake That Bear Party Platter Florida's Dying *new
Personal and the Pizzas I Ain't Taking You Out Raw Pie 1-2-3-4 GO! *new
Lively Ones Bustin' Surfboards Surf Drums Del-Fi 1963
G. Green I Will Not Withdraw This Statement I Will Not Withdraw This Statement Malt Duck *new
The Yuppies Bones I've Been Touched 7-inch Grotto *new
Black Time Harley Davidson [S. Gainsbourg] More Songs About Motorcycles & Death Wrench *new
San Francisco Water Cooler Reverie II Sun Sneeze *new
San Francisco Water Cooler Pond Leak II Sun Sneeze
Country Teasers/Ezee Tiger ET - Crush Medley (a stupid rock opera kinda) split LP Holy Mountain 2009
Ezee Tiger The Tiger Bounce Ezee Tiger KSR 2004
White Drugs Unmaker Gold Magic Kunstwaffe/Amphetamine Reptile *new
Shorty Kaput Kaput! 7-inch Skin Graft 1993
Death of Samantha Harlequin Tragedy Where the Women Wear the Glory and the Men Wear the Pants Homestead 1988
Young, The Smiling God Voyagers of Legend Mexican Summer *new
Death of Samantha Ham & Eggs 99 Cents Strungout on Jargon Homestead 1986
Mission of Burma Dirt/Singalong
Distraction Boys Have a Nice Day Live on Ave. B 7-inch Cryptovision 1985
Distraction Boys Home on the (Missile) Range
House, Ron Street Was a Soundtrack Blind Boy in the Backseat Columbus Discount 2010 (orig
G. Green Parking Lot(?) July 2010 session off of Youtube (hence the compression)
Easter Monkeys Nailed to the Cross Splendor of Sorrow Hit & Run 1983
Savage Republic Flesh That Walks Tragic Figures Independent Project 1982