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Two mandatory lessons in partying/rocking-out this week @ The Hub, presented by Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM...
Wednesday, 7/21
*%& HAPPY BIRTHDAY (feat. King Tuff)
**^! NACHO BUSINESS (The preeminent pop genius of these times) (Legendary in Davis; now time for us to know their greatness) (Sacto twee-pop deluxe...but only one show per year?!?!)
Sunday, 7/25
***++% COWABUNGA BABES (all-too-rare performance by one of Sacto's best bands) (Like the Middle Class ("Out of Vogue") gone Jewy and riot grrly...I've been dying to bring them to Sac!) (Greatest riot grrl spoof ever?!?! Is that even fair to say? I dunno...but they must be seen to be believed.)
If you're tired of my noise(y) shows lately....let's rock out! These are the goodtimes party-down shows you've been waiting for.
8:30 door times
9:00 showtimes
$5 for Hub Collective members
(+$1 if you need to join)
BYO-whatever, but not adult beverages unless they're decanted into something stealthy. No beer cans. No beer or liquor bottles. Hey, is that really Snapple? Nevermind...We promise not to ask.
^ = seldom-seen local hero(in)es
! = their songs are adorable
% = rocks to the maximum
+ = heavy dose of comedy gold
* = sweet lady in band
@ = pit warning (i.e., tastes like HC from the 80s)
& = includes burgeoning living legend
Sunday show also includes free pizza!!!


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Monday 7/19/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
King Tuff Ruthie Ruthie Was Dead Colonel 2008
Happy Birthday Cracked Happy Birthday Sub Pop feat. King Tuff
Happy Birthday Zit Happy Birthday Sub Pop KDVS presents Wed, 7/21 @ The Hub
Moonhearts Deathstar Pt. II Moonhearts Tic Tac Totally *new
Big Black Cloud Time to Waste Dark Age Stank House *new (finally officially out!)
Lubricated Goat Promised Land Paddock of Love Red Eye 1989
White Boss Time Streams self-titled Perennial *new
Sonskull Perennial Death Birth Scene/Rewind EP Perennial *new
Sonskull Housing Birth Scene/Rewind EP Perennial
White Lung Shoot It's the Evil Deranged *new
Star Vehicle Next Best Thing High Roller 7-inch no label 1996
Carolee Exit Replacer Exit Replacer Self-Released *new
Hot Guts/Pop. 1280 Pop. 1280 - Neon Lights split Badmaster *new
Ward, Samuel Locke + Darren Brown The Blood Barrel Polka From the Privilege of the Grave Grotto *new
Spectrometers, The Dawn Lunch 1/2 Mechanism 1/2 Organism The Cosmic Dept. *new
David Mitchell Dead Dog in Port Chalmers Dead Dog in Port Chalmers 7-inch Xpressway 1991
Cyclops Simpleton Eh Simpleton 7-inch Feel Good All Over 1991
Dead C Hell is Now Love Hell is Now Love 7-inch Siltbreeze 1991
Car Commercials S's Pawn Prisoner Of Type Soft Abuse *new
v/a Deep Brain Thrombosis - Glam Fail A Range of Greatdividing Unwucht *new (orig 2008)
v/a Shoptoprockers - Cash in Fly Out A Range of Greatdividing Unwucht (orig 1991)
Pradada Wasted Indians Phantasy Visions Hobo Cult *new
Ether, The Hustling Myself Folly Patente *new
Mongst The Glass Factory Decolonisation Isolated Now Waves *new
God Meathead Breach Birth 12-inch EP Beggars Banquet 1990
Trees Ashes Freed of This Flesh Crucial Blast *new
Bleak The Weather Vane Vane Projekt 1995
Neither/Neither World Seven Kinds of Sin Maddening Montagery and Other Fantastic Stories Dark Vinyl 1995