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Thursday 7/15/2010 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Michael Schumacher Room Pieces New York (2004) Stories
Bruce Andrews Systems, Power conversation Bruce Andrews and Charles Bernstein - March 14, 1979, Reading their work and in conversation with Susan Howe
Bruce Andrews from Confidence Trick Segue Series Reading at The Ear Inn, November 7, 1981
Bruce Andrews from I Guess Work The Time Up New Poetics Colloquium, Wednesday, August 21, 1985
Bruce Andrews Blab Mind Blab Body; I Who Proud Drugs Be; If Pods Could Talk; Oh Glaze Me Big New Poetics Colloquium, Thursday, August 22, 1985
Bruce Andrews Untitled Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, March 12, 1988
Bruce Andrews from Divestiture-E; Taought Reading at the Ear Inn, March 27, 1993
Bruce Andrews This is the 20th Century Reading at the Ear Inn, March 26, 1994
Bruce Andrews & Charles Bernstein Poetry as Politics conversation LINEbreak, 1995
Bruce Andrews Sugar Raised THE RADIO READING PROJECT, 1999
Bruce Andrews Earth; Sun; Fixed Stars; Primum Mobile Segue/Double Happiness - April 7, 2001
Bruce Andrews Dizzyistics 2; Dizzyistics 11 Reading as part of The Line Reading Series - October 1, 2002
Bruce Andrews TABLOID Kenning, 2004
Bruce Andrews Mistaken Identity; Feature; from The Millennium Project Reading for Mills College Contemporary Writers Series January 31, 2006
Bruce Andrews Creative Writing conversation Sucking on Words, 2007
Bruce Andrews Uncle Abe Reading and Interview on "Destination Out," hosted by Tom Orange, WRVU-FM, Nashville, TN, April 26, 2008